The journey of exquisite marble begins at our abundant mines.

The titanic success of R K Marble comes from our unrelenting emphasis on superior mining technology and innovation. Our meteoric growth spurts are a result of considered investments in technology in the mining, processing and finishing of marble.

R K Marble quarries are located in :

Our quarry in Vietnam produces the finest quality of Flawless White and Cat’s Eye marble, exported to over 45 countries.

Luc Yen District is one of the two location with the huge reserve and the best quality of white marble in Vietnam. It’s about 100 km from Yen Bai City and 250 km from Hanoi to the Northwest. Our white marble quarry located in Yen The Town, Luc Yen District, Yen Bai Province with area of 50 hectares, reserve of 7.9 million cubic meters and 22 million tons of calcium carbonate powder.

At present, quarry is the biggest one in Luc Yen with industrial mining method powered by modern machineries and equipments. We are doing mining at the height of 500m downward using cutting technology of wire-saw machines to cut huge blocks from mountain in which the maximum size of block may reach 10m x 5m x 20m, cutting from higher layers to lower layers. This mining technology ensures the labour safety, economization of natural resource and high productivity. Products after cutting are rough marble blocks with 6 surfaces cutting by wire-saw machine and size ranges from 1 CBM to 8 CBM.

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