Research & Development

" At R K Marble,we have bettered the minning technology over a period of time. We have developed over a period of time. We have developed and improvised some very cost effective technologies, which have not only reduced the cost of minning but have also increased the recovery. Some of such process are:- 

Blind Cut TechniqueBlind Cut Technique is an innovative technique for the development of a Quarry Front Cut (Gally). It has replaced the time consuming and material wasting Quarry Master - Wire Saw combination and also costly Belt Saw / Chain Saw - Wire Saw combination. In the Blind Cut Technique, two vertical holes are drilled up to the desired depth. These holes are connected to the horizontal holes to give passage for slurry to come out during back cut. Two channel columns with end pulleys and diamond wire are lowered in the vertical holes and connected to a diamond wire saw machine for achieving the desired cut.

Dot Laser Alignment Device
is the latest device used to align the drilling machine that has one hole already, or to simultaneously align two drilling machines for co-planner holes to pass diamond wire through for achieving wire saw cuts. The device not only saves time but it is economical and can also align the points which are in complicated positions. The device can be used both during day & night.

Hole Finder is an electronic instrument composed of transceiver which can elaborate electronic signals. The particular transmission frequency allows electromagnetic waves to cross the rocky material. This instrument is used to realign mismatched co-planner holes with more than 90% accuracy. The system is cost effective and time saving in comparison to the conventional method.

Hydraulic Pushing Arm is used for toppling big rocks up to 3000 MT in minutes for what used to take hours and days.