The bedroom is the one space in your luxurious abode where elegance and comfort must not be compromised. What could be better than the timeless, most beautiful masterpiece of nature—the marble stone installed in your comforting space? Make your comfort zone appear more appealing, spacious, and cosier.

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Buy Bedroom Marble for your home at R K Marble

Being able to design your dream home is a blessing bestowed upon a select few. Installing the finest design elements is the taste of a fashion maestro. If you consider yourself an aesthete homeowner, you must have already decided to install bedroom marble flooring along with using this nature’s masterpiece in several parts of the house. Marble design in room often brings out elegance and adds a touch of luxury to the space. If you have just purchased your dream home or are looking forward to renovating the existing residence you live in by designing your bedroom with marble floor, you must visit the R K Marble store near you or at least scroll through the website to explore the widest range of marble flooring designs for bedroom.

Get the Best Bedroom Marble Design by RK Marble

Marble for bedroom can effortlessly make your space appear like a state-of-the-art space adorned with nothing but beauty and elegance. If you are looking to add an element that oozes luxury, elegance, and comfort to the space, a bedroom marble design would be the perfect pick for you. Exploring marble bedroom design ideas over the internet or exploring the vast collection at R K Marble will give you a gist of how merely adding a piece of stone can make your space appear distinctive and aesthetically appealing. R K Marble Group as a company aims to provide its valuable existing and potential clientele with only premium-quality marble stone slabs along with offering a marvellous experience throughout.

R K Marble – Bedroom Marble Supplier in India

R K Marble Kishangarh used to be a simple warehouse in the year 1989 – that set the foundation for the remarkable journey of RK Marble Group. The ambition of the company diversified over just a few years by expanding its geographical boundaries within the state in the form of villages such as Morwad, Dharmeta, Banswara, and Dhariyawad in Rajasthan, as well as the Majoli Village in Madhya Pradesh. Over the years, R K Marble has proven to be among the best marble suppliers in India. If you are seeking to purchase bedroom marble for your opulent home, R K Marble is the place for you. With the highest-quality natural stones like marble and granite, the staff at any R K Marble store will offer you your most memorable marble-buying experience with a reliable after-sales service.

Types of Bedroom Marble at R K Marble

With a hint of luxury, a touch of elegance, and an oomph to match your standard of living—that’s how we define the ambience of your living spaces. You can adorn your home with just a little assistance from the widest range of bedroom marble offered by none other than R K Marble. R K Marble has everything you’ll ever need to design your bedroom, from the most beautiful and vibrant Italian marble to the priceless and phenomenal natural masterpieces – imported marble stones.

Two of the bestselling imported marble types we have in store for your luxurious bedroom are:

  1. Statuario Marble: Quarried from the Carrara region, a white Statuario Marble comes with a white base having medium-wide grey strokes scattered all over the background. This stone is set to make your elegant bedroom space even more jaw-droppingly beautiful and expansive.
  2. Dark Emperador: The truly dramatic and glamorous Dark Emperador is a dark brown marble with a web of golden streaks, which is sure to catch your attention within a fraction of a second. This amazingly versatile stone can be used as your bedroom floor, and even as a wall panel. Who wants boring when you can have stunning?

Two of the bestselling Italian marble types we have in store for your luxurious bedroom are:

  1. Grey William Italy: This grey Italian marble has a distinctive appearance thanks to the strands of saffron scattered along a grey base, designed to evoke the solace of a pebble beach. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in the realms of such a mystic vibe?
  2. Rosso Alicante: This stunning red Italian marble will elegantly accent your bedroom interior. A wall panel of Rosso Alicante in the bedroom can transform the space with the wave of a magic wand and turn the heads of every visitor that lays eyes on this masterpiece, making your house a captivating piece of art.

Shop from a wide range of Bedroom Marble Designs at R K Marble

R K Marble offers nothing but the best bedroom marble designs thanks to its widest range of incredibly beautiful marble stones that come in the finest qualities and are destined to make your home appear luxurious, elegant, and comfortable; a space that effortlessly brings out your personality and taste in fashion, a space you can call “truly yours”. You can visit the nearest R K Marble store or explore the marble collection through the R K Marble website right from the comforts of your home.

1. Is marble good for the bedroom?

Yes. Marble is a timeless masterpiece that comes in a variety of colours to transform your personal space in several different ways, from drama to sheer elegance.

2. How much does it cost to do marble flooring in the bedroom?

The price of marble depends on many factors like colour and quality. Premium imported marble prices start at Rs. 350 per square foot. Enquire the price of bedroom marble at R K Marble. The total cost will depend on the area of your bedroom flooring.

3. What are the trending Bedroom Marble available at RK Marble?

Statuario Marble, Dark Emperador, California Golden Grey, Flamingo, Equilibrium, Golden Dream, Calacatta Vagli, Perlato Sicilia, Grey William Italian, and Rosso Alicante are some of the most trending bedroom marble stones available at RK Marble.

4. What are the advantages of marble flooring?

Marble is a natural stone with incredible characteristics such as high durability, heat resistance, elevated lustre, and is aesthetically appealing.

5. Is white marble flooring better for bedroom marble?

Yes. White marble flooring in the bedroom can make the space appear expansive, brighter and drop-dead gorgeous. Using white marble flooring will make the ambience of your personal space soothing and relaxing.

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