The unearthly glow in homes comes from a couple of things – smiles of the family members and vibrant, backlit onyx. Available in a rainbow spectrum of colours, onyx is rather delicate and translucent, allowing light to pass through elegantly.

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Where to use Onyx Slabs?

Onyx shines as a highlighter in interior spaces. Usually, onyx is used for cladding focus walls, but onyx slabs can also be used as countertops and tabletop – especially in living rooms, lobbies, foyers, cocktail lounges and other spaces where friends and family gather.

Since it’s more delicate than marble, it should be cautiously used in flooring, especially in areas with high traffic.

Popular types of onyx for home

Blue Onyx Marble

Often adorned with white and orange flames, Blue Onyx lends a cool ambience to any space – whether it shines in your home or becomes a show-stopper in your office.

Black Onyx

A rare stone, Black Onyx Slabs are the epitome of sophistication and elegance. Often featuring gold veins, it’s an awe-magnet for your home.

White Onyx Marble

The classic, ethereal White Onyx Marble sometimes features shadows of various hues like pink, orange and gold, elevating any space to a glowing haven.

Green Onyx

Let the calming green wash over your home, perfectly capturing the alluring wilderness of the environment in which the stone is born.

Red Onyx

Flaming Red Onyx Slabs are a vision in any space. The brilliant vermilion paints any room in bold strokes, adding an enigmatic touch of royalty.

Pink Onyx

A novel and chic choice of stone for any interior, the Pink Onyx is as exquisite as it is beautiful.

Honey Onyx

Also known as Yellow Onyx, Orange Onyx and Golden Onyx, the Honey Onyx Slabs are a show stopper in their own right. You’ll have to witness its versatility for yourself to truly appreciate this piece of natural art.

Have you ever visited a structure so beautiful that you could only gawk in marvel? Do you want your guests to have the same reaction when they visit your home? Adorn it with vibrant onyx slabs.

Frequently asked questions about onyx

What is Onyx Marble?

Onyx Slabs, also known as Onyx Marble, comprise concentric zones of calcite or aragonite. These minerals are deposited from cold water in caves or crevices and around the mouths of natural springs. Exotic Onyx slabs are available in a rainbow spectrum of shades, creating a lasting impression due to their elegant patterns and translucent qualities.

Is Onyx Marble Expensive?

Onyx is considered expensive due to its exquisiteness, but R K Marble presents fair & fixed prices for precious stones like onyx, giving you complete peace of mind. For more information, connect with our Stone Experts at +91-9119118118.

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