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Question 1. Why we should go with marble in comparison to other available options like tiles?

We believe while constructing a home & it is constructed with a lot of emotions and too much of sentiments embedded into it. We believe being a natural resource only Marble can embrace the satisfaction of uniqueness, durability & never-ending contentment of the creative yet elegant soul. Being a natural product, marble enables you to reuse the the product by re-polishing. Moreover, marble looks much more tidy and properly arranged with less joints because of bigger size of slabs if compared to tiles and nurturing the design aesthetics.

R K Marble stands tall as a brand, with trust, class and a saga of legacy to add an extra character to the natural stone. Among different setups into the sector, R K Marble is the only organized organization which functions on nothing but the core and fundamental values which are transparency, commitment, convention, dedication and honesty which were embedded into the roots of the company at the time of foundation. We have successfully incorporated technology with nature and the product of this industry defining and flabbergasting amalgamation is one of its kind and gives the soul fitting experience. The variety of color options, platter deal of choosing Indian & Imported marble under one roof will make the your decision more inclined towards creativity and rationality.

R K Marble believes and follows the core values with sincerity. Transparency is the ingredient to make R K Marble what it is today. With R K Marble, you will be assured to get value for your hard-earned money. It is about the processing and the kind of treatment we perform on our products in comparison to the available options in market who still follow the obsolete methods to process. Price sensitivity is also very good as we are the mine owners, not the traders. Moreover, after implementation of GST, the cost structure has been much more clear and easy to understand the landing cost of the product. R K Marble does not believes into shadow pricing and there is no hidden cost to the product whereas the GST levied on the product is 18%.

R K Marble is the first ever company that has branded a natural stone to furnish more life and recognition than any other marble across the globe. We are the organization that has been not only awarded with the Guinness Book of World Records, but also has established several milestones for creating benchmarks to create transparency for quality and pricing. R K Marble has always created wonders with the innovations and trend setting ideas to nurture the creativity of different though processes. with the idea to bring globe at our customers doorstep and to cherish the dreams, R K Marble has explored the world for the finest quality of Imported Marble and has successfully embedded class into everyone's dream. Being the trendsetter into the sector, R K Marble has gained the trust of its customers since it's very humble foundation at Kishangarh and since then the company has managed to maintain the legacy which the brand has created.

There are many constraints to this, it is very difficult to setup another facility at any other geographic location which is equivalent to the facility we have at Kishangarh. The space and size constraint plays a vital role into the subject. Adding on to that, it is again very much difficult to place each and every of the vast vivid variety of marble we have to choose from in any limited or contained environment. Moreover, it directly or indirectly inflates the pricing and cuts the advantage of low pricing of the product.

R K Marble has always been the trendsetter in terms of technology and application of technology. The company wants to increase the brand presence into every single hand in spite of restricting itself to some or selected cities. The company has a vast digital presence over social media platforms and other networks to channelize the brand visibility and has made it very easy to grab the information and updates regarding the product upgrades as soon as the product is available. The company has revolutionized the digital presence of marble in digital sector and is the biggest name in digital space as long as natural stone sector is concerned. There are mediums via which company do interacts with the customer base in order to seek the feedback and resolve the queries regarding the product.

In case of queries related to the product, we have a dedicated team to serve you better and for the greater good, we have a steadfast digital team to resolve any query in the shortest span of time. For product related queries, we have our representatives in selected cities of our country and the same is available at our contact us page.

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