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Flawless White and Cat’s Eye Marble

While the modern home owner is spoilt for choices, white marble has remained a timeless favourite. White is particularly famous for making a room look spacious, elegant, luminous and serene. There’s something incredibly sensational about the white piece of stone that stands the test of time and emerges as a dazzling, powerful element. No wonder it’s considered as the stone for Gods and Kings. Needless to say, there are unending variations of white marble available. Yet, two distinct types of white marble reign supreme.

Flawless White Marble

Our Flawless White Marble – true to its name – is the purest white marble, regarded as the epitome of luxuriant elegance. Step into a sea of shining white luxury that feels cool under your feet and soft on your eyes. Crisp as thin ice – but far from fragile, it snaps your senses to attention. The snow-white stone boasts an astonishing clarity and radiates matchless opulence.

Cat’s Eye Marble

With grey streaks parading through the canvas of white, the Cat’s Eye Marble is a piece of sensual poetry on your floors. While veins in a marble are a result of minerals trapped in calcite during the formation of the stone, the dark motifs featuring on the White Cat’s Eye Marble only adds to its perfection. The flirtatious shadows of grey sweep across a chaste white canvas with careless strokes create matchless interiors that command attention.

White marble, in its plethora of variety, is a piece of art by the greatest artist in the world. R K Marble, with its state-of-the-art technology, captures its raw charm and presents the finest quality white marble to fulfil your dream projects.