Marble Flooring: Advantages and Disadvantages
Published on March 30, 2022.

A timeless choice for a luxurious home with an elevated ambience, marble flooring has been redefined to keep up with contemporary interior designs. Evolving with the changing times, the intricate inlays have graciously given the spotlight with bold, geometric patterns and seamless expanses of fluid colour.

Types of marble flooring

White marble flooring

The timeless classic, white marble flooring is perfect for any space. They are, nevertheless, most preferred for limited spaces as they visually expand the room. Large halls can also be adorned with flawless white marble.

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Beige marble flooring

The ageless, enduring marble flooring, beige offers a perfect canvas for highlighting other elements of your interior design, while still holding its own.

Grey marble flooring

Grey marble is the new white in interior design. In vogue, and rightfully so, the grey marble flooring influences your home ambience like none other. Choose a warm tone for your living rooms and bedrooms, and a cooler shade to convert your home office into a productivity haven.

Coloured marble flooring

The entire gambit of more dramatic shades of marble flooring falls in this category, with vibrant reds and blues to more sophisticated blacks and browns. The coloured marble flooring was earlier restricted to inlays, but now, adventurous homeowners are experimenting with vast expanses of black marble and wood-like brown marble flooring. Coloured marble is also a popular choice for powder rooms and showers as they are tolerant to common household spills.

Patterns in marble flooring

With a wide array to choose from, the patterns that can be created with marble are only limited by your imagination. Floral inlays, chequered mosaics and striato veining are just the tips of the iceberg.

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Marble flooring pros & cons

Marble flooring advantages

1. Unique and timeless beauty

No two slabs of marble are identical. And with a vast variety to choose from, you can pretty much ensure your home would be one-of-a-kind – for a long time to come. Since marble is a homogenous stone, a quick polish restores its shine even in high-traffic areas like living rooms and foyers.

2. Variety of polishes and surfaces to choose from

Marble flooring is usually associated with high gloss, but it doesn’t need to be shiny to be stately. You can experiment with matte finishes and honed surfaces to add character to your home.

3. Influences the ambience of your home

Marble flooring can be versatile – right from bold, magnetic beauty that steals the spotlight to subtly sophisticated flooring that shares the limelight with other stars of your home.

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4. Routine maintenance

For such an upscale material, marble is quite durable with some easy-care maintenance. Wipe away spills, dust regularly and avoid the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning.

5. Radiant heat in winters and cool touch in summers

Marble has high thermal conductivity, transferring heat efficiently across the room. The tropical Indian climate doesn’t call for heated flooring during most seasons, but winters can be harsh in some areas – especially with cool floors. Marble flooring ensures you enjoy warmth when needed.

Marble flooring disadvantages

1. Need professionals for installation

Marble is a heavy stone, available in large slabs which lend a seamless appearance to your flooring. And the installation process is more complicated than putting together an IKEA cabinet. You need the finesse to justify its beauty.

2.Etches with harsh chemicals

Acids and other chemicals in cleaning agents tend to cause etching in marble – a blemish too deep to remove with surface polish. A good sealant helps avoid such accidents. Furthermore, dark coloured marble flooring is somewhat unaffected by stains and etching than white marble.

Frequently asked questions about marble floors

Is marble good for flooring?

Yes, marble is a timeless choice for flooring due to its aesthetics and luxuriant appeal. It is rather low-maintenance for a premium product with an enduring lifetime.

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Which is better: tiles or marble flooring?

Both materials have their pros and cons, but marble has a longer lifetime and is better for health.

Marble is 100% natural and earth made. If you prefer natural stone over synthetic materials, marble flooring is your best choice. It’s eternally beautiful, making your home a treasure of memories and a valuable inheritance for future generations.

Is marble flooring right for you? Find out with a one-on-one personalized consultation with our Stone Experts.

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