Imported marble

While marble is beautiful and strong, no matter where it has been sourced from, there is something unusually alluring about the imported marble that hail from different parts of the world. From the highlands of Italy to the terrains of Turkey, R K Marble brings to you the best, most colourful and unique natural stones from across the globe.

Imported white marble

Even amongst the unending range of colours, imported white marble takes preference for many spaces. The pearly luminescence of imported white marble is simply matchless. The chaste shades are perfectly complemented by wispy veins, bold patterns and fascinating characters.

Imported coloured marble

The modern lifestyle turns towards pizzazz and flair – something that coloured marble varieties exude in abundance. Coloured imported marble creates trending spaces and interior designs as they lend a rich, yet chic and distinctive appearance.

R K Marble specializes in high-quality imported marble that undergoes stringent CHR (Computerized Heat Resin) treatment. Each individual slab is tested against the world-class standards to let you enjoy the highest level of sophisticated elegance for a long time.

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