Mr. Vikas Patni | Managing Director

After completing graduation in Economics and Management from Cardiff University, United Kingdom, Mr. Vikas Patni honed his skills in corporate governance with Price Waterhouse Cooper, an accounting firm at Cardiff. He established R K Marble as the most recognized marble brand in the architectural sector. He brought with himself, a global perspective and directional orientation to the management of the company. His genius led the company to revisit their mining policy to import quality marble from the world. His prescient intuitiveness has progressed R K Marble towards becoming the largest supplier of imported marble. An avid traveler and a true explorer at heart, Mr. Vikas Patni played a pivotal role in establishing R K Marble's footprints in Vietnam and Turkey by successful acquisition of mines in these countries and because of his innovative thinking and ability to take strong decisions make him The Pillar of Innovation of R K Marble.

Mr. Suresh Kr. Jain | Whole Time Director

Having dedicated over 19 years towards the ceaseless elevation of R K Marble, Mr. Suresh Kr. Jain is an experienced personality in the marble industry. His in-depth knowledge and expert insight about the intricacies of the marble world has put him on a pavilion above the common crowd. After joining the company back in 2002, he has steadily climbed up the ladder to take care of the entire administration job of production department. Mr. Jain has efficiently taken the entire production team of R K Marble under his wing. Today, he is engaged in the complete process of marble production - right from checking the rough block, how it will be processed to what other stages need to be carried out to make the final product. His guidance and direction about the processing of each lot of marble we deliver is vital to the production supervisor. He is an irreplaceable asset of R K Marble - the Pillar of Integrity of the company.

Mr. R K Gupta | Whole Time Director-Sales & Marketing

With more than 34 years of experience and an exceptional contribution of 15 years in the marble industry, Mr. R.K. Gupta has established himself as a one-man think-tank of the sector. The innovative moves pioneered by Mr. Gupta have established him as an irreplaceable asset of R K Marble. His enterprising ideas backed by his insightful attitude towards combining hard work with smart work have helped in successful completion of eclectic projects. A Mechanical Engineer, lover of artistic ideas and an avid reader in thirst of new ideas, Mr. Gupta is wildly popular for successfully launching the first branded natural stone ever known to the human race. Under his guidance and inspiration combined with his unmitigated brilliance R K Marble continues to touch new avenues in sales and redefine its success story. His splendid execution of ideas makes him The Pillar of Excellency of R K Marble.