5 Advantages of Having Granite Flooring in Your Home
Published on September 22, 2022.

Granite marble stones are among the most treasured masterpieces of nature, explicitly adored by millions of homeowners. The admiration for granite floors has soared among the most renowned architects and interior designers owing to its impeccable natural beauty and exotic patterns. Gone are the days when people used this stone only to create white granite countertops. Today, several colors of granite stone, such as brown granite, white granite, green granite, and many more, are used as flooring, backsplash walls, dining tables, etc. While the application of imported granite, from flooring and walls to granite stone for kitchens, has been sufficiently emphasized, the benefits it offers the homeowner haven’t been much of a foray into the interior design industry.

Embellish your home with this exquisite and exotic granite stone. If you are hunting for reasons other than its idiosyncratic patterns and incredible beauty, keep reading further.

If you are still stuck in the design process of your luxurious abode, the installation of granite stone for the kitchen must have crossed your mind, but how about you divert its application ideas towards flooring? Even though granite flooring is not something new for creative interior designers, its advantages are not yet fully known to homeowners. This article covers the five advantages of having granite flooring in your home.

1. Abundant in patterns and varieties.

You are not required to settle for dark granite stone, which tends to be among the most prominent ones for countertops when it comes to selecting flooring stone. You can always pick out the most aesthetically alluring Desert Eagle by RK Marble. The brand is the most promising granite supplier. You can also choose to go for an even more admirable piece of art – the London Grey Variation – 2. This grey granite has a distinctive appearance with bustling waves and fine strands of gold flowing in a royal enchantment. What else could you ask for?

2. Unbeatable lifelong durability.

One of the most alluring features of granite is its durability. Granite flooring is a good choice for homeowners who predict considerable foot traffic in particular areas of the home, such as the extremely busy living room of a party animal or the crowded kitchen space of a chef turned food entrepreneur. Your granite floors will survive for decades if you use the appropriate sealant and care.

3. Boosts your property value.

Architects and builders often choose to install granite stone for kitchen and bathroom countertops, floors, and wall cladding because they know that homeowners or property investors with impeccable taste in fashion and larger budgets may hunt for such elements while evaluating property listings. While undergoing property valuation inspections, home evaluators also consider such factors. Any expenses incurred will be more than made up for at the time of sale later.

4. Stain resistance like a pro!

Matching your kitchen counters with granite flooring is a brilliant idea for stain resistance. Granite is usually preferred as a surface for food preparation since it resists stains better than certain other types of flooring stone available on the market. Spilled a cup of tea on a properly sealed granite floor? Don’t worry! It can be conveniently cleaned up in no time as long as the granite has been properly sealed. Granite is quite resistant to water as well as moisture once it has been properly sealed. To clean the granite floor, all you have to do is use a clean, damp cloth to wipe off your granite. You can also make use of warm, soapy water for harder stains on the stone. Ammonia, bleach, and other cleaning solutions containing solvents or caustics should be avoided while cleaning since they will remove the sealant.

5. The Quality of Being Hypoallergenic.

If your family comes with children who like to run around the house and help their mom in the kitchen, or even if you have an individual with asthmatic conditions, granite stone for the kitchen floor and countertop should be your first pick. Why? This natural stone is blessed with hypoallergenic qualities. Granite’s resistance to germs and allergies makes it a perfect flooring choice for your opulent residence.

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