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There’s something about the pensive grey marble that draws awed attention and enhances the interior design. The rainbow spectrum of appealing shades – from light to dark grey, right from the mystic Grey William marble to the elegant Picasso Grey marble – the range offers a stone to suit every palate and personality. Looking for grey marble flooring, countertops, cladding or backsplashes? Grey marble is the current chic choice to brighten up your home.

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Types of grey marble:

Italian grey marble

Italian marble like Grey William Marble and Alaska Grey Marble are popular choices for flooring. They are versatile and make for excellent head-turners.

Light grey marble

Lighter shades of grey marble are mostly used for flooring, cladding and table tops. The sprawling expanses of pearly grey elevate the interior ambience. Picasso Grey and Bulgari Grey Marble lend elegance to the room when used as marble flooring.

Dark grey marble

Dark grey marble such as Devci Grey, Carpe Diem and Greek Grey Marble are great choices for bathrooms, powder rooms, kitchens, countertops, backsplashes and areas where the risk of spills are high. The dark tone camouflages any accidental etching and maintains the beauty of your home for a long time to come.

How to choose the right grey marble for your home?

Tips to choose grey marble:

Consider the area

You can use grey marble in literally any part of your home – flooring, walls, countertops, powder rooms and showers, and any space that you’d like for to glow with grandeur. Lighter shades with fine veins like Alaska Premium may work wonders for home flooring whereas darker tones with busier patterns like Grigio Celina and Grigio Carnico can enhance your powder rooms – especially when coupled with the right lighting.

Surface finishes

While you would like your shower to glisten with the eternal shine of our well-processed grey marble, it may not be a prudent choice. Does that mean you’ll have to compromise and settle for tiles with shorter lifespan? No. You can opt for anti-slip matte finishes in bathrooms and powder rooms, and let the living room marble flooring shine with glossy polish.

Trending grey marble varieties:

Grey Marble Interior Design Ideas

To the uninitiated, the 50+ shades of grey marble may seem overwhelming. The subtle differences in vein patterns and the slight variance of hues may change the entire ambience of your room. Fret not, explore our interior design ideas. Additionally, our Stone Experts are here to help you choose the perfect grey marble for your home. Connect with us at +91-9119118118 for expert advice on grey marble.

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