A mellifluous symbol of sophistication and tranquility, Beige Marble is a classic choice for interiors. Whether you want elegant marble flooring or a cool touch of neutral wall cladding, beige marble rises to the occasion. The ageless grace of warm creamy shades and sandy dunes make beige marble perfect for your home.

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Beige marble complements any style of décor, furniture and interior design theme. It enhances the ambience without losing its own identity. Each wave, each stem, each rivulet featured on the warm canvas tells a tale.

Popular Beige Marble varieties:

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Beige marble price

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Frequently Asked Question about Beige Marble

  • What is beige marble?

Beige marble is a cream-coloured metamorphic stone which is usually used as marble flooring with a shiny and smooth finish. R K Marble‘s premium beige marble collection is enduringly beautiful and perfect for use in residential as well as high-end commercial spaces.

  • What is beige marble used for?

Beige marble can be used as marble flooring, wall cladding, in bathroom, powder rooms and showers, as countertops, table tops, exterior porch flooring, and façade cladding.

Beige travertine marble can be used in exterior spaces, such as elevations, gardens, driveways and parking areas. Beige marble is known to add a layer of elegance and sophistication to spaces.

  • How to select the right beige marble for your home?

The humble beige marble comes in varying shades and tones. Right from the dramatic Brescia Blue to the silently sophisticated New Perlato Royal, the right shade of beige marble can dynamically transform the outlook of your home. So pick a shade that goes well with the rest of your décor.

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