Shining like a black diamond in plain sight, black marble is an uncommon entity in Indian homes. Only the most lavish villas, exquisitely designed luxury resorts, jaw-dropping houses feature black marble. Have you ever wondered why?

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Why is black marble not so common?

Since dark coloured marble doesn’t reflect light as much as beige or white marble, homes with limited space don’t opt for black marble.

How to adorn your dream home with black marble?

If you are concerned that black marble will make your room look smaller, choose a pattern such as bold stripes or checkered (diamond) flooring which will add an exciting pop of contrast to your space.

Are you unsure where to use it without disrupting the cool ambience of your home? Are you concerned black will not complement your preferred design theme?

Black marble certainly doesn’t blend in like white or beige marble, but it is still versatile and plays well in different settings.

  • Unlike wood, a black marble wall can set off the greenery indoors without crumbling.
  • And it can work wonders as a highlight in your living room, foyer or even bedroom – any place you would like to decorate with vibrant artefacts and knick-knacks.
  • The juxtaposition of black against any bright colour brings alive the space.

Tips for using black marble in interior design

  • Use good lighting. Black marble needs adequate lighting, especially in spaces with limited natural light.
  • Use black marble flooring in large expanses to bring out their beauty. Show-stopping living room halls and master bedrooms can flaunt the interesting patterns of black marble on flooring and walls.
  • Use black marble in powder rooms, washrooms and showers. Since these areas are prone to mild chemical spills, black marble is ideal for vanity tops, flooring and cladding. It hides etching and stains to a certain extent.

Does black marble stain easily?

On the contrary, black marble masks stains better than white marble. The black marble (and other dark coloured marble varieties such as grey marble) don’t etch and stain easily, so they find more applications in kitchen countertops and showers.

Is black marble expensive?

Imported black marble price starts from around Rs. 700 per sq ft. You can buy black marble at fair and transparent prices, at R K Marble. For black marble price details, please connect with our Stone Experts at +91-9119118118.