Brought to you straight from the quarries of Italy, Italian marble is considered one of the finest pieces of art. If you are looking forward to elevating elegance then adding an ultra-chic piece of stone to your premises, Italian marble should be your pick.

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Buy Premium Italian Marble at R K Marble

Italian marble is an exclusive piece of art that distinctively depicts luxury and opulence. Spanning across the space with its gleaming appearance, Italian marble flooring, being the epitome of elegance, uplifts the grandiosity of the premises. Living Room Italian marble illustrates finesse and an aesthetic outlook throughout the realms of your living room, whether added as flooring or a statement backdrop. With an array of the best Italian marble masterpieces, R K Marble brings to you a wide variety to choose from along with a reliable after-sales service. R K Marble, as a marble company, believes in providing its customers with ace quality Italian marble, which will add value to the clients’ standard of living and lifestyle in general.

Italian Marble – Get Elegant Italian Marble for Your Home

Luxury Italian Marble can make every corner of your home stand out, leaving a lasting impression on the guests you host. Even though Italian Marble price may sound expensive, its quality, appearance, and the touch of elegance that comes with it make it all worth it in the end. The prices of Italian marble may vary from one place to another depending on the collection, colour, and quality. Amplifying the luxury factor in the realms of your home comes easy with a finely honed masterpiece – Italian marble. It is an architect’s or interior designer’s most cherished piece of stone, often preferred by them to create an elegant architectural gem oozing luxury.

Types of Italian Marble at R K Marble

Brought to you from the most popular quarries of Italy, this exclusive marble comes in a wide range of colours. It is suggested that you skim through our collection of premium Italian marble to pick out the most relevant piece that suits your style and fits the aesthetic of your home interiors. Here are a few of the top-selling types of Italian marble:

  1. Calacatta Vagli:
    R K Marble never fails to astound its valuable customers with such stunning statement pieces. Calacatta Vagli is a white Italian marble with a web of gold strokes smeared across the white patches. Add elegance with sophistication to any space in your home, making it appear even more spacious and opulent.
  2. Perlato Sicilia:
    Perlato Sicilia is a beige Italian marble with an ivory base and subtle dark veins artfully smeared across the slab. It is the best choice to make any space appear luxurious with minimal effort.
  3. Grey William Italy:
    Grey William Italian Marble is a hot-seller masterpiece exclusively available at R K Marble. This grey Italian marble has the unique appearance of strands of saffron peppered across a grey base, echoing the serenity of a beach filled with pebbles.
  4. Statuario Marble Variations:
    Available in two distinctive variations, the Statuario Italian Marble can be a showstopper for your home interiors. A web of open-ended grey strokes finely spread across a white base brings a calm, comfortable vibe to the space.
  5. Rosso Alicante:
    This red Italian marble can effortlessly highlight your interiors. A backdrop of Rosso Alicante in the living room can turn the heads of every guest that arrives, making your home a memorable realm of art.

Benefits of Having Italian Marble Flooring

Italian marble flooring adds a hint of luxury to the most gorgeous interiors of your dream home. Making your home look elegant and spacious, Italian marble only enhances the beauty of your premises. The glitz and glam that come with these stunning works of art only add to the style quotient, adding much-needed oomph to a standard living space. A show-stopping masterpiece can be brought into your home with an Italian marble backdrop in the living area, making it look dramatically amusing.

Shop from a wide range of Italian marble designs at R K Marble

R K Marble brings you an array of distinctive Italian marbles to choose from. Exclusively imported from Italy, the Italian Marble collection at R K Marble gives its customers an experience that is one-of-a-kind. Having the option to choose from a variety of colours, quality and collections, you can browse through Italian Marbles and pick one that suits your taste and matches your standard of elegance.


1. What is Italian Marble?

Italian marble is considered to be the most precious, expensive, and exclusive variety of natural stones quarried in Italy. Examples include Statuario, Calacatta and Bottocino marble. The epitome of elegance and a finesse touch to luxury, a space depicting this perfectly describes the appearance of Italian marble.

2. Is Italian Marble good for flooring?

Italian Marble is an excellent choice for flooring. Whether used in homes, hotels, restaurants, or workspaces, Italian marble only adds to the beauty of the interiors, amping up the luxury quotient in the space. White, Beige and Grey Italian marble are great choices for flooring.

3. Where to buy Italian Marble in India?

R K Marble is a one-stop shop for all your Italian marble requirements. We strive to provide our valuable clients with a wide range of superior quality Italian Marble collections at a fair & fixed price. We help you pick the best stone of your choice to match your style and the aesthetic of your interiors.

4. What are the trending Italian marble varieties available at R K Marble?

The Calacatta Vagli, Rosso Alicante, Perlato Sicilia, Grey William Italy, and Statuario Variations of Italian marble are a few trending pieces at R K Marble. All of these Italian Marbles are known to uplift the luxury aspect of your premises while bringing elegance and serenity to the space.

5. Why is Italian Marble so special?

Italy has a reputation for producing the finest marbles. However, Italy does not export as much as Turkey, which accounts for about 42% of the global marble exports in the world. Italian marble is considered to be exclusive and, hence, comes at a higher price, but with its untouched beauty and elegance, it is all worth it. Its incomparable style and luxe appearance can make any ordinary corner an epitome of elegance.

6. Is Italian marble expensive?

Yes, Italian marble is more expensive than Indian marble owing to its quality, endurance and beauty. It is considered to be one of the most premium natural stones in the world and is totally worth the price.

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