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The emblem of luxury, the epitome of finesse and the coveted treasure for architects and interior designers, Italian marble is deemed to be the best marble in the world. Italian marble is most precious and expensive. Why, though? Why – out of an unending collection of natural art – is Italian marble preferred by most?

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Why is Italian marble so popular?

And while Italy has a reputation for producing the finest marble, it doesn’t export as much as other countries like Turkey (Turkey accounts for over 42% of global marble export). This makes authentic Italian marble more exclusive.

Why is Italian marble considered best?

Marble mining in Italy began as early as 155BC. Ever since Italians have honed and streamlined quarrying methods. The exceptionally efficient methods developed by them have been imitated by the rest of the world for a long time.

Furthermore, Italian mines, especially the ones in Carrara are rich in calcitic marble with little to no impurities. When processed well, it shines with an inherent pearly white glow. The Italian marble lends a pristine look to the interior space, elevating the ambience of any room to blissful opulence.

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Italian marble: Beyond flooring

Italian marble is mostly used for flooring and cladding. Expanses of white Statuario or warm Botticino Crema marble present a spellbinding vision. Walls clad in bold, bright colours or cool grey Italian marble are a spectacular sight.

The darker shades like grey Italian marble also find application in kitchens and bathrooms. Its durability and undying beauty make it an admired choice not only in homes but also in high-end hotels, corporate offices, resorts and restaurants among others.

Types of Italian marble

Italian marble is known for its fine veins that flow like rivers and lustrous sheen. The stone itself feels softer than silk under your feet.

White Italian Marble for flooring and cladding:

Statuario: One of the famous and most appreciated natural stones to grace homes and high-end corporate offices, Statuario marble is an absolute style statement in any space. The white expanse is punctuated by billowy grey veins.

Golden Statuario: A close cousin of Statuario, this variation features faint golden veins rather than abstruse grey veins.

Calacatta Vagli: Have you ever imagined walking on golden clouds drifting in a warm white sky? That’s what it feels like walking on the Calacatta Vagli marble flooring.

Coloured Italian marble for flooring and cladding:

White Italian marble is admittedly more popular than other varieties, but other colours are not far behind on the luxury scale. Here are a few coloured Italian marble types to adorn your home with:

Botticino Crema: A well-received beige Italian marble with quivering fine veins, it has now become a common choice for Italian marble flooring.

Perlato Sicilia: Another beige marble that is renowned for its sobriety, Perlato Sicilia is also commonly used in flooring, cladding, and sometimes in the kitchen.

Grey William: A stone known for sophisticated elegance, Grey William is one of the most popular chic grey Italian marble used in interior design nowadays. It is available in lighter and darker shades and hence, is extremely desirable for various applications.

Alaska Grey: Another classy grey Italian marble, Alaska Grey is often available in a range of shades that add dynamic character to the interior space.

Rosso Alicante: A highlight in any space, the vivid red Italian marble is rife with bold white strokes of nature. Often used on the wall to draw eyeballs, it shines a spotlight on any room it is placed in.

How to check the authenticity of Italian marble?

To test the authenticity of Italian marble, you should look at the colour, processing, and overall quality of the stone. You can tell if it is real Italian marble by lightly scratching the unpolished surface of the marble slab. If it leaves a mark, then there’s a good chance it is soft Italian marble. Finer veins that are not packed too close are also a sign of premium quality Italian marble.

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Italian marble price

Is Italian marble expensive? Yes. Is Italian marble worth it? Definitely, yes.

Depending on the colour, collection and quality, the cost of Italian marble may vary from place to place. For your estimate, the premium quality white Italian marble ranges from Rs. 800 to Rs. 9200. The premium quality beige Italian marble ranges from Rs. 340 to Rs. 500 whereas other coloured Italian marble ranges from Rs. 400 to Rs. 850.

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Italian marble is undoubtedly a defining element in any interior space. Which Italian marble would you use in your home?