White granite is unique and looks a class apart. Use it as a wall panel, a countertop or as flooring, this stone will definitely add a touch of luxury to your space.

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White granite is a granite stone primarily composed of feldspar and quartz. This ethereal beauty is a granite stone that makes the interiors of any space outshine any other ordinary home décor. Adding this granite marble as a countertop, granite floor, backsplash wall or even as bathroom flooring or vanity can easily enhance the elegance of the space. R K Marble brings to you a variety of white granite stones to choose from. Amp up the luxury quotient of your space by installing a white granite marble on the premises.

White Granite – Get Best White Granite at R K Marble

White granite is the most coveted treasure of an architect or interior designer. Admired by millions, this masterpiece can maintain minimalism yet add oomph to the space you install it in. Living space and kitchen décor can make or break the aesthetics of your entire residence. Hence, even after being the busiest nooks of the house, these spaces need to look elegant and feel comfortable. You can add white granite as flooring, a wall panel, or as a countertop in these spaces owing to its beauty, sheer elegance, durability, and easy-to-clean ability. R K Marble Group, as a company, strives to offer opulence and reliability by bringing this masterpiece in a variety of designs and patterns to its valuable clientele with an A-class after-sales service.

R K Marble – White Granite Supplier in India

Adding white granite countertops or granite flooring in the kitchen space will not just add a touch of luxury to the premises, but will make the space look brilliantly designed, keeping in mind the properties it offers and the sheer elegance it reflects. R K Marble Kishangarh, established in 1989, has been at the top when it comes to providing premium quality products in a variety like no other with remarkable after-sales service for its valuable clientele. R K Marble’s White Granite comes in several patterns and designs you can choose from.

White Granite Uses and Applications

If you desire to make lasting impressions on the guests, you must incorporate the use of white granite slabs into several spaces of the premises, whether it is the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom. White granite, just like any other granite stone, is a highly durable piece of stone. Owing to its water and heat resistance along with its easy-to-clean ability, it makes it an apt choice for minimal yet luxurious interior décor. You can add a white granite stone in several spaces of your residence; let’s look at a few options –

  1. Interior walls:
    You can play with creativity using this masterpiece with accent pieces and contrast-coloured furniture. If you are aiming to design a minimalistic space that adds comfort and elegance to your life, this is the right investment to make. Pairing a white granite interior with colourful home décor pieces and furniture can make the entire space stand out from the crowd.
  2. Kitchen countertop:
    White granite countertops look flawlessly smooth and shiny, instantly appearing to be luxurious and precisely beautiful. It is easy to clean and highly durable, making it an apt choice for this busy space. Pair it with wooden furniture and see how it gracefully elevates your cooking experience while also looking sophisticated and stylish.
  3. Bathroom walls and vanity:
    Exquisite white granite offers a distinctive and exotic appearance to the bathroom space. Its properties of water resistance, durability, and strength can be beneficial for protecting against bacterial growth and water damage. This granite adds positivity and opulence to this relaxing space.
  4. Living room:
    Add it as a wall panel or flooring. This masterpiece is sure to turn heads and leave a long-lasting impression on the guests you host. This granite will make your home the talk of the town for quite a long time. Its appearance is chic and makes this room look elegantly spacious.

Shop from a wide range of White Granite Designs at R K Marble

R K Marble Group strives to provide its cherished clients with a wide range of high-quality white granite at reasonable prices, as well as reliable and efficient after-sales service. R K Marble has a diverse collection of white granite designs that are reasonably priced and have delightful properties that can be used for a variety of purposes. Pick from a variety of designs of white granite stones like Desert Eagle, Milano marble, Monte Bianco, Super White, Vibranium, and Sky Gold only at R K Marble.


Is White Granite available in India?

Yes. White Granite is available at R K Marble, India. Pick from a variety of designs of white granite stones like Desert Eagle, Milano marble, Monte Bianco, Super White, Vibranium, and Sky Gold only at R K Marble.

Is Granite better than Marble?

Yes. Granite, when compared to marble, is harder, stronger, highly durable, and easier to maintain. This makes granite better than marble for high traffic areas.

Is White Granite more expensive?

White granite costs between Rs.580-3500 per square foot. It depends on the quality of granite you opt for but there is something for everyone.

Do White Granite countertops stain?

White granite countertops are more prone to staining than black granite, but that does not mean you cannot clean them. Even though the spill may stain the countertop, you can easily clean it. Maintenance of the granite stone remains necessary.

What is the most popular Granite colour?

White and black granite stones are the most popular colours among the plethora of options available in the market.

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