Designing your residence with green granite is more than just a trendy decision; it is a long-term approach that enables you to experience luxury with the colour's vivacity each day. Choosing a green colour granite stone for home decor translates to selecting distinctiveness, durability, and, most importantly, rediscovering your relationship with nature. These are traits that, when paired with the green granite marble stones’ therapeutic significance, may only enhance their advantages.

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Buy Premium Green Granite at R K Marble

out-of-the-ordinary aspect of home décor. Not only will the green pearl granite leave your guests spellbound with its magnificent beauty at every sight, but also the light green granite or even the apple green granite will make your opulent home become the buzzing topic of the town for generations. You can explore a wide range of green granite options at the R K Marble store near you, or scroll through our website right from the comfort of your bedroom and pick the green granite stone best suitable for the aesthetics of your home.

Get the Best Green Granite for Your Home

R K Marble Kishangarh established in 1989 with the mission of providing first-rate natural stones accompanied by reliable after-sales service to millions of satisfied customers. R K Marble Group, as a firm, is devoted to providing its valued clients solely with the finest granite stones of the best quality. This company is committed to offering a diverse range of imported granite stones from which the client may select the ideal one for the interior decoration of their home. When purchasing a green granite stone for kitchen, to create a statement wall or green granite flooring in the living room, you can keep your worries regarding the quality and value behind. You will only be offered excellent-grade green granite stones here at transparent prices. The price of every green granite stone differs based on its area of origin, thickness, shade, and even quality.

Types of Green Granite at R K Marble

R K Marble has a comprehensive selection of high-quality green granite stones. A few of the most stunning granites offered are Avocatus, Botanic Green, Cheyene Granite, Emerald Quartzite, Gaya Granite, Verde Lapponia, and Vitoria Regia. The stones can be effortlessly graceful yet glamorous additions to your home, whether you choose to design and plan green granite flooring or add the stone as green granite countertops.

Benefits of having Green Granite at Home

Green Granite stones are an excellent choice for designing a space that perfectly exudes a unique amalgamation of drama, glamour, elegance, and subtle aesthetic in the space of the application. Let’s consider some perks of investing in green granite for your home:

  1. Its stunning shade never fades or dulls.
  2. It is easy to clean.
  3. It requires minimum maintenance.
  4. It has heat resistance.
  5. It has low permeability.
  6. It is tough in nature.
  7. It is highly durable.
  8. It has an extraordinary aesthetic appearance in each slab.

Shop from a wide range of Imported Green Granite Designs at R K Marble

Whether you dream of a green granite kitchen or a green granite statement wall in the living room to create a focal point in the area, R K Marble serves as the one-stop destination for all your green granite requirements. Here, you will be offered some of the most exquisite green granite stones named Avocatus, Cheyene Granite, Gaya Granite, Botanic Green, Emerald Quartzite, Vitoria Regia, and Verde Lapponia. These exotic stones can drastically alter any ordinary space in your home into a state-of-the-art masterpiece, leaving your guests flabbergasted at every sight. Enquire Green granite price at R K Marble, India and experience complete, transparent peace of mind. The cost of each variety of stone varies based on its thickness, colour, and quality.


1) Is green granite rare?

Exotic green granite is rare, but it can be found in abundance wherever the granite contains the green feldspar mineral known as amazonite.

2) Is green granite expensive?

Enquire the green granite price at R K Marble. Granite is an investment – it is a natural stone that increases in value over time. Moreover, the high durability of the stone ensures that you don’t need to replace it as regularly as tiles or any other material.

3) What minerals are in green granite?

Green granite is scarcely available, yet it is occasionally found whenever the granite comprises the green feldspar mineral called amazonite. Due to their marble-like appearance, you may also commonly find green granite as a form of metamorphic rock with an excess of serpentine, like marble, or perhaps another type of rock, like soapstone.

4) What are the trending green granites available at R K Marble?

Avocatus, Botanic Green, and Verde Lapponia are among the most popular green granite stones available at R K Marble.

5) Are green countertops out of style?

Green countertops are nowhere close to being out of style. They are, in fact, among the most preferred selections of aesthete homeowners looking forward to transforming their busy corner into a glamorous, chic centre of attraction in their residence.

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