Quarried from various parts of the globe such as Italy, Turkey, the United States and Greece, imported marble offers you a wide range of marble stones to choose from. Browse through the collections varying in quality, durability, texture, colour and design; and pick a stone that aligns to style and interior aesthetics.

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Buy Premium Imported Marble at R K Marble

Marble is one of the most luxurious natural stones that can be used in homes as well as commercial spaces. It adds an incredibly sophisticated touch to all your interiors. Marble is almost synonymous with luxury. When introduced to any space, marble can transform the way your space looks and feels. The most significant advantage of this natural stone category is its aesthetic appeal. If you are looking at buying this natural stone and want to add it to your space, then R K Marble’s imported marble is definitely something that shouldn’t be overlooked. R K Marble has been the industry expert and is known to offer some of the best quality products to its customers along with providing great after-sales service.

Imported Marble – Bring Home The Finest Marble

Imported natural stone for instance imported marble adds finesse and grandeur to your space without making it look gaudy and over-the-top. R K Marble is known to have some of the best options when it comes to imported marble. Bringing the finest marble across the world to its customers, R K Marble is known to offer the very best to its customers. Right from the highlands of Italy to the terrains of Turkey, R K Marble brings to you world-class vibrant and unique imported stones that you cannot ignore. When you are ready to pay the imported marble price, you want to make sure you get nothing but the best in terms of quality.
R K Marble has set the highest standards for quality. Each stone goes through multiple quality checks and is only then delivered to the customer.

Types of Imported Marble at R K Marble

There are more than 250 varieties of imported marble available at R K Marble and it is best to browse through them all before you make a decision. Some of our bestselling imported marble types include:

  1. Statuario Marble:
    Statuario marble mountain quarries are situated above Carrara in Italy and have restricted availability and high demand. Because of its scarcity, this marble is even more difficult to get your hands on. The white Statuario marble is quarried in the Carrara region and seems to have a bright white base with medium-wide grey detailed strokes. It brightens the look of any architectural project owing to its unique aesthetic appearance. In fact, only a few stones can compete with its clear lustre and exceptionally compact design.
  2. Dark Emperador:
    A web of golden streaks lends this dark brown marble the gorgeous look that arrests you in within no time. Incorporating this marble into your interiors will offer a rich texture as well as a luxurious ambience. The Dark Emperador marble is versatile and can be used on various surfaces like floors, walls, countertops and more.
  3. California Golden Grey:
    A beautiful amalgamation of grey and peach, this natural stone is strikingly beautiful owing to its extraordinary golden veins. Add a tinge of sophistication to your interiors with this gorgeous marble. The California Golden Grey marble is an exquisite stone that won’t go unnoticed by onlookers.
  4. Equilibrium:
    Waves of red cutting through the black canyon, amidst a jungle of golden and white streaks, make for an attractive wall. The Equilibrium marble is a striking mayhem of fiery gorgeousness and bold beauty.
  5. Flamingo:
    Brilliant gold and white rivers cutting through patches of grey and pink, the Flamingo marble is a stunning piece of natural stone. It takes the style quotient a notch higher and adds an instant flair to any space.
  6. Golden Dream:
    The grey mosaic stone knotted with golden veins looks like an abstract dream. The Golden Dream marble flaunts a splendid golden-grey hue making it a subtle yet stirring piece of stone that adorns every space.

Benefits of having Imported Marble flooring

An imported marble flooring will not only look gorgeous but it will lend a rich and opulent touch to your interiors which will keep you in awe of your space and never let you get bored. The shine and lustre of imported white marble are incomparable. It can instantly make your floors go from drab to fab. They are perfect to add grandeur to your home’s living room as well as bedrooms. While white imported marble requires high maintenance, nothing can really match its looks, feel and texture.

Shop from a wide range of imported marble designs at R K Marble

At R K Marble, there is a wide variety of imported marble that you can browse through. Whether you are looking at adorning your walls or your floors, there is a long list of options available to you at all times. The different and stunning marble varieties will make you a fan of these types of marble. You can walk into our stores to pick your favourite marble slabs.


1. Where is marble imported from?

Italian marble is one of the most popular and best quality marble that you can find. Other countries from where marble is imported are Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Egypt and the United States. All these countries are known to have marble quarries.

2. Is Italian marble imported?

Yes, Italian marble is imported from Italy. The marble imported from Italy is known to be of premium quality and is available in a myriad of colours. Moreover, this marble stone is considered to be shinier and known for its aesthetic appeal.

3. Is imported marble good for flooring?

Imported Marble requires as much maintenance as any other marble. R K Marble’s range of imported marble offers an array of colours and patterns that you can choose from, including some varieties that are truly rare.

4. Where to buy imported marble in India?

R K Marble has a plethora of options when it comes to imported marble. You can browse through the variety of marble types and take an informed decision considering the theme of your space. Whether you want to use the marble slab as a highlight wall or as flooring, you can choose from our vast range of marble accordingly.

5. Which is the best quality Marble in India?

If you are looking at a lower-priced Indian marble then the Makrana marble is the best quality with its pristine white shades whereas in Italian marble, the Statuario marble available in India is the most popular and gorgeous looking marble type.

6. What are trending imported marble available at R K Marble?

Some of the bestselling marble varieties at R K Marble are Paonazzo, Flawless White, Colatina, Astrus Grey, Armani Grey, Gucci Grey, San Lorenzo, Statuario, Michael Angelo and Exotic Brazilian Granites.

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