A blue marble expanse is destined to be the epitome of soothing elegance in your luxurious space. Blue marble earth resembling the finesse of oceans and the skies in the realms of your residence can effortlessly make your space reflect idiosyncratic artistic elements in every corner.

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Blue Marble Design is one of the most alluring design elements in a residence. If you desire to bring the calmness and mesmerising beauty of the skies and oceans into your opulent homes, you will love the blue earth marble kind of stone or be more inclined to install small blue marble elements into your residential interiors than conventional stones.

R K Marble Group brings you the widest range of blue marble stone options in India. Whether you are looking for voguish onyx blue marble or a royally deep blue marble, R K Marble is the one-stop destination for all your blue marble requirements.

The blue marble is an elegant natural stone that is a class in itself. If you are aiming to make a statement through your choice of interior design, a marble blue colour would be the right pick for you!

Blue Marble – Get Stylish Blue Marble for Your Home

Having modish interiors consistently on your mind is something every aesthete homeowner is guilty of. Architects and interior designers who are ambitious to create a designer masterpiece home that resembles the beauty of nature and appears extraordinarily elegant for their esteemed clients usually rely on the blue marble stone. From a backlit onyx marble blue in colour for the home bar countertop to a blue rejuvenating bathroom space, the blue-coloured marble is an absolute gem of an element for interior designers. R K Marble Kishangarh started as a simple warehouse that was established in 1989 with an aspiration to deliver only top-of-the-line natural stones to their treasured clientele, along with a dependable after-sales service that makes the purchasing experience 10 times better.

Benefits of having Blue Marble Floor & Wall

Blue marble stones are not just destined to create an out-of-the-world aesthetic for your luxurious abode; these stones also come with impeccable benefits. Don’t believe us? Check this out –

  1. These incredibly beautiful stones are highly durable.
  2. The blue marble stones offer heat and scratch resistance.
  3. These stones can effortlessly enhance the elegance of your home.
  4. The Blue Onyx Marble is an especially delightful piece of nature as it provides strength and aids in relieving mental, physical and emotional stress. This stone can assist you in bringing balance to your mind and body and promote happiness in your home.
  5. Backlit blue onyx marble can transform an ordinary space into a magnificent corner adored by every guest that lays eyes on it through its magical charm.

Types of Onyx Blue Marble at R K Marble

Bring in the sound of the sea and the calmness of the sky with a stellar natural stone – the blue onyx marble. Inspiring calmness, relaxation, elegance and tranquillity is everything a blue onyx marble can do. Not just that, installing a backlit blue onyx marble, whether as a statement wall in the living room or a home bar countertop in any corner of your home, is set to make the space the most alluring for guests. At R K Marble you can find yourself the finest slabs of the blue onyx marble exclusively brought to you as Blue Onyx Variations, Italian Blue Onyx and Persian Blue Onyx Variations. Don’t settle for the names, instead explore these incredibly beautiful stones in premium quality through our website or by visiting the R K Marble store near you.

Shop from a wide range of Blue Marble Designs at R K Marble

Blue Onyx Variations, Italian Blue Onyx, and Persian Blue Onyx Variations are among the best slabs of blue onyx marble available at R K Marble. Discover these unbelievably gorgeous stones in exceptional quality by browsing the R K Marble website or perhaps by visiting the R K Marble store near you. The blue onyx marble price at the R K Marble store is fair & fixed for complete peace of your mind.


1) Why is the blue marble so famous?

Blue marble is among the most popular stones owing to its distinctive appearance and versatility. Blue onyx marble is especially the most coveted stone among designers and aesthete homeowners because it is a translucent material which can be backlit to create a phenomenal focal point in the residence. Earth is also sometimes called Blue Marble, making the name even more famous.

2) Is blue marble stone real?

Yes. Blue marble is a natural stone found in several locations around the globe. This stone can connect us with the oceans and skies.

3) Is blue marble rare?

Yes. Blue marble stone is scarcely available, making it a rare stone. You can, however, find these rare natural stones exclusively at the R K Marble store.

4) What are the trending Blue marbles available at R K Marble?

Ice Blue Marble, Blue Onyx Marble Variations, Persian Blue Onyx Marble Variations, Vega Blue Marble, and Italian Blue Onyx Marble are some of the most preferred and trending picks of aesthete homeowners and interior designers.

5) Is blue marble good for flooring?

Yes. Blue marble like Bethany Blue and Azul Macaubas is an exceptionally durable stone, making it an apt choice for flooring in even the high traffic areas of your residence like flooring and stairs.

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