Black granite can easily enamour its onlookers with its beauty. Often seen used in kitchen spaces as a countertop, black granite can also be used in various wall applications.

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Buy Premium Black Granite at R K Marble

Black granites are dark-hued igneous rocks often stated as basalt, gabbro, and diorite by geology experts. Adding black granite stone to your home décor creates an aesthetic that can make your interiors stand out from the plethora of home interior options. This masterpiece is a one-of-a-kind stone of nature that looks especially elegant whether you install it in the kitchen space or the living room as a granite floor. R K Marble is a granite supplier with an exceptional collection of black granite stones.

Give Your Space A Makeover With Premium Black Granite at R K Marble

Black granite is among the most sought-after natural stones and is usually the first choice of renowned architects and interior designers around the world for interior decorations that are sure to turn heads and leave lasting impressions on anyone who sets an eye on them. Owing to its durability, water and heat resistance; this granite stone makes an excellent choice for your kitchen interiors and countertops. It requires minimal effort to clean; all you need is soapy water and a damp cloth to clean the granite surface, making this one of the best stones for kitchen countertops.

R K Marble – Black Granite Supplier in India

Installation of the black granite stone in your home interiors or office spaces will not just oomph up the space, but it will also make your interiors look like the masterpiece they are meant to be. R K Marble Kishangarh is a simple warehouse established in 1989 and has been raising the bar high in supplying quality products such as imported granite and marble with A-class services to its valuable clientele ever since.

Black Granite uses and application

Incorporating black granite stone is an apt choice for you if you want to enhance the elegance of your home interiors and design a masterpiece on the premises. The properties of black granite are very similar to those of any of the granite stone variants, which means its durability is remarkable and it is water and heat resistant, alongside being an easy-to-clean stone. Its properties make it an apt choice for kitchen interiors, and its appearance makes it the best choice to enhance the elegance of any space. It can be used to adorn different parts of your home –

  1. Kitchen Countertop:
    A black granite countertop highlights the space around or accessories set in the kitchen interiors, amplifying the appearance and magnifying the aesthetics of the premises. The properties of this exquisite stone make it an excellent choice for the kitchen space. When partnered with wooden cabinets, this stone is sure to make a lasting impression on guests entering this busy space.
  2. Granite flooring:
    Among the most popular choices of architects and interior designers, black granite stone makes a mark in the minds of anyone setting their eyes on it. It makes an excellent choice for flooring in the living room and the bedroom as it easily enhances the elegance of the space, adding a hint of luxury and sophistication in the best possible way.
  3. Accent walls:
    Add one black granite wall in the living area and let its appearance speak for itself. This masterpiece interior idea is sure to leave lasting impressions on the guests you host. Adding oomph to this busy space of your premises, this stone ensures to call your home the epitome of elegance.
  4. Table tops or dining table:
    If you are a homeowner who wants to add one single masterpiece to the premises that can make a statement like no other, you must pick a black granite stone for the table tops or even a dining table.
  5. Bathroom:
    An elegant bathroom vanity is all you need to add a touch of luxury to the space. Due to its beauty and the aesthetics it offers, black granite bathroom flooring will surely make you want to bathe a little longer. Pair the granite with gold or silver bathroom accessories to add charm to this relaxing space.

Choose from a wide range of Black Granite Designs at R K Marble

R K Marble & Granite, as a company, strives to offer its valued clientele a variety of quality black granite with a reliable after-sales service. Granite marble price at R K Marble ranges from Rs. 925/- to Rs. 2500/- per square foot. Coming with wonderful properties to serve multiple purposes, you can shop from a wide range of black granite designs at R K Marble. Pick from a variety of designs of black granite stones like Belvedere, Black Fusion, Black Marinace, Brasil Bronzetto, Copa Cabana, and Kozmus only at R K Marble.


1) Is black granite good for kitchen?

Yes. Black granite stones are remarkably durable in nature, easy to clean and water resistant too, making them an apt choice for the kitchen space.

2) Is black granite available in India?

Yes. R K Marble offers a wide variety of options in black granite stone. You can choose from various designs of premium imported granite stones for the various corners of your living space.

3) Is black granite hard to maintain?

No. Black granite stone requires minimum maintenance and is easy to clean. All you need is warm soapy water and a clean piece of cloth to clean this stone, and it will be good as new for decades to come.

4) Does black granite stain easily?

No. Black granite stone is particularly denser than other granite stones, which means that it is less porous in nature. This stone does not absorb liquids readily and so does not stain easily.

5) Where can you / should you use black granite?

Black Granite can be used for application in several corners of the home or even office spaces to amp up the elegance of your premises. You can use the black granite stone as the kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, flooring, dining table, and even a wall panel all of which are destined to add luxury to the premises. At the workspace, you can use it as a reception counter, a wall panel or flooring.

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