Bring in the drama and glamour with a red granite installation in your home. Red granite stone can create an ambience that oozes luxury and exoticism in every inch. A red granite kitchen and galaxy red granite living room flooring are nothing if not synonymous with the glitz and glam of the world. Red granite marble is a natural stone that effortlessly allures a mystique surrounding the sleek elegance of your home interiors.

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Whether it is the captivating red hues of a ruby red granite like Vulcano or the splendour charm of the cherry red granite like Revolution; installing a red colour granite is fated to entice you towards its captivating aesthetics.Installing granite red colour may sound like the pinnacle of the interior design concept, but who wants an ordinary aesthetic anyway? R K Marble offers nothing less than top-notch quality multi-red granite and classic red granite stones that vary in intriguing patterns, shades, thickness, price, and quality.

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Red Granite – Get Classic Red Granite at R K Marble

A white modular kitchen with red granite countertops and imperial red granite flooring will be the epitome of pizazz in your glamorous home. Make your guests feel awe-struck with the addition of a red galaxy granite statement wall panel in the living room or create a special glitzy red and black granite gaming corner in your residence. If you love the magic of astronomical dramatic design concepts that can effortlessly become the focal point in your luxurious residence, there are a million ways to bring in the glamour into your home. R K Marble Group, as a company, believes in offering nothing but a sterling collection of high-quality red granite stones.

R K Marble – Red Granite Supplier in India

R K Marble Kishangarh is a modest warehouse which was founded in 1989 with the goal of bringing in the finest ace quality marble and granite stones from across the world to India. We wholeheartedly offer nothing but the greatest masterpieces of nature to help people build the perfect home they have always dreamed of. R K Marble is among the most promising red granite suppliers in India. They are known for their high-quality products, but the experience they offer when visiting the R K Marble store is remarkable. If you want to experience a granite shopping journey that is both knowledgeable and worth remembering, visit the store and explore the wide range of red granite stones by yourself.

Red Granite Stone uses and application

Red granite stones are highly versatile, making it easier for interior designers and aesthete homeowners to add these to the most amazingly designed residences. You can use the red granite for kitchen , pairing it with white cabinets, or create a statement wall in the living room and pair those aesthetics with white furniture and accent pieces. Showcase the majestic power of the colour red with an illustrious Cosmopolitian Red Granite statement wall and leave your guests flabbergasted with its allure. Add the Volcanic Ash Red Granite to your rejuvenating and relaxing bathroom space and add an oomph of glamour to the space, making it appear luxurious. A Vulcano Red Granite highlight in your bedroom can impress every person that steps inside with its charisma.

Shop from a wide range of Red Granite Designs at R K Marble

Whether you desire a red and black granite kitchen or a ravishing red granite statement wall in your living room to serve as a rallying point, R K Marble is your one-stop store for all your red granite stone aspirations. Cosmopolitian Red Granite, Volcanic Ash Red Granite, Vulcano Red Granite, and Revolution Red Granite are among the most exquisite red exotic stones offered here. Visit the R K Marble store to explore the wide range of red granite stones, or browse through the website to explore the red granite options right from your living room.


1) Is red granite expensive?

In a word, no. R K Marble offers transparent pricing for each stone – you can explore 250+ natural stone varieties under one roof and bring the most exquisite red granite slabs home with complete peace of mind. The red granite at R K Marble delivers value for generations, making these glamorous natural stones a heritage for your loved ones. These are the most striking elements of home interiors that are evergreen if you invest in good quality, well-processed slabs.

2) Is granite available in red colour?

Yes. Cosmopolitian Red Granite, Volcanic Ash Red Granite, Vulcano Red Granite, and Revolution Red Granite are among the most exquisite red exotic granite stones offered at the R K Marble store.

3) Where is red granite used?

Red granite is often used as kitchen flooring and marble, statement walls in the living room, TV wall panels, bathroom walls and vanity, bedroom backsplash and flooring.

4) Is red granite strong?

Yes. Red granite is a highly durable and strong natural stone. Even with minimal care, high quality red granite can outlive generations.

5) Is red granite good for the kitchen?

Yes. Red granite is highly durable and easy to maintain, making it an apt option for your kitchen space. Its ability to amp up the elegance in your kitchen space with its ravishing red, glamorous appearance is just a cherry on the cake for aesthete homeowners.

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