Pink marble is no longer a stone that is seen with doubts in mind. It is a preferred natural stone owing to its innate beauty. It is being incorporated in spaces as pink marble flooring and walls in a contemporary, top-notch interior design. Definitely! Fitting pink marble stone into any part of your magnificent residence is bound to enhance the space's magnificence.

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While pink marble installations may appear to be the epitome of interior decoration, we can promise you that they will leave your guests in awe of your taste in design in just about any room of your lavish residence. If you are looking to buy a pink colour marble for your gorgeous home, R K Marble is the place for you. From an onyx pink marble that you can backlight in your living room to create a statement wall or home bar countertop, to a more sophisticated Pink Quartzite for your calming bathroom space, R K Marble has it all.

Pink Marble – Get the Best Pink Marble at R K Marble

R K Marble Kishangarh is a simple warehouse established in the year 1989 with the intention of providing high-quality natural stones backed by trustworthy after-sales service to millions of valued clients. R K Marble Group, as a company, is determined to bring only the best marble stones in premium quality to its valued clientele. This company believes in offering a wide range of products for the customer to choose from so that they can pick the best one suitable for the aesthetics of their residence.

Select the Right Pink Marble for Your Space

At R K Marble, you are offered a wide range of pink marble to choose from, with each stone varying in quality, thickness, pattern, shade, and price. Pick the right pink marble stone, including pink marble countertops, statement walls, backlit pink onyx marble home bar countertops, light pink marble flooring, and a pink marble bathroom space. You want it, you get it!

Pink marble uses and application

You can effortlessly add the pink marble colour to different areas of your home and make a statement like never before! Let’s look at a few places you can incorporate the pink marble stone.

1. Exotic Bathroom: Pink Quartzite by R K Marble is an exceptionally beautiful natural stone you can incorporate into your bathroom space. This pink marble stone can effortlessly become a sleek addition to your rejuvenating space that oozes elegance and magnificence from every corner. Add this masterpiece as a bathroom wall cladding and watch your boring space transform into something magical in no time.

2. Luxurious Living Room: Add the Pink Onyx Marble as a statement wall or add a backlight and install it as a home bar countertop. Either way, this stone is destined to make a statement and steal the limelight at your party. Even the Pink Crystal Onyx Marble would be a fantastic addition to your space.

3. Elegant Bedroom: Greek Rosa Travertine Marble Flooring will set the tone for your visually appealing bedroom design.This graceful design element in your bedroom space will easily amp up the elegance and transform your ordinary space into an extraordinary work of art in your residence.

4. Stunning Kitchen Space: Use the Tamarino Pink Marble Stone as a countertop for your luxurious home. For a distinctive and mesmerising aesthetic, think about incorporating a pink marble countertop into the centre of your magnificent home. The contemporary kitchen space with a perfect amalgamation of complimenting cabinets, paired with the pink marble stone, will enhance the elegance of this bustling space in your residence uniquely.

Shop from a wide range of Pink Marble Designs at R K Marble

If you are an aesthete homeowner who enjoys experimenting with home interior design, pink marble should be your first choice for application in any area of your residence, whether it is your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even the bathroom space. At R K Marble, you can choose from a wide range of pink marble options for your opulent residence. You can choose the pink marble stone best suitable for your home from the following options: Greek Rosa Travertine, Pink Crystal Onyx, Pink Onyx Marble, Pink Quartzite Marble, and Tamarino Marble stones.

Enquire the pink marble price at the R K Marble outlet near you. You can also choose to purchase the pink marble stone by scrolling through the R K Marble website and exploring the extensive range of pink marble right from the realm of your bedroom.


1) Is pink marble natural?

Yes. Whenever limestone as well as dolomite are exposed to the heat and pressure of the earth’s crust, the metamorphic natural stone-marble-is created. Even though pure marble is generally white, minerals like iron ore and feldspar colour pink-rose stones in a variety of pink-red shades and tints.

2) What makes pink marble?

The iron and feldspar in the stone give natural stones like marble the colour pink.

3) Can you get pink marble?

Yes. Pink marble is among the most trendy pieces of stone today. You can explore a variety of these natural stones at the R K Marble store or by scrolling through the website.

4) What goes well with pink marble?

Rose gold accent furniture pieces such as a side table, flower vase or even cabinets made in the rose gold colour go well with pink marble. You can even pair the pink marble with dark-coloured kitchen cabinets and contrast-coloured marble to create a glamorous residential space.

5) What is the pink marble called?

Pink marble is often called pink-rose marble, pink onyx marble and pink quartzite marble in the marble industry.

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