The crème-de-la-crème of white Italian marble, Statuario marble is one of the most coveted stones, adorning the most remarkable homes around the world. Statuario marble is characterized by wispy veins of grey on a field of snow. The lighter the veins, the more premium and expensive the stone. Having said that, the veins and patterns of Statuario add a dynamic character to your home.

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What is Statuario Marble?

Statuario is an Italian Marble, chiefly quarried in Carrara. It has high calcium content, accounting for its brilliant white colour. The delicate grey veins dance like mist on a snowy field, adding character and ethereal charm to the space.

Golden Statuario Marble is a variation of the White Statuario Marble, featuring golden webs resembling sun rays breaking through clouds at dawn.

Where to use Statuario Marble?

The Statuario marble can be admired on the floor, the walls, table and countertops, and even in the powder rooms and showers. They are mostly used indoors – being a soft stone, they are prone to scratching and etching if used in a harsh environment or in high traffic. They are a popular choice for living room marble flooring, master bedrooms marble floor & walls, guest rooms and tabletops.

Does Statuario Marble absorb water?

R K Marble offers well-processed Statuario Marble which reduces its porosity. When sealed well after installation, the stone becomes water-proof, making it ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas prone to spills.

Statuario Marble vs. Carrara Marble vs. Calacatta Marble: How are they different?

Being from the same area of Italy, Statuario Marble has virtually the same density as Carrara and Calacatta Marble. Their maintenance requirements are also similar. The difference lies in the tone. Statuario Marble has predominant tones of grey mist. It has distinctive grey or golden veining.

On the other hand, Calacatta Marble has golden undertones with comparatively broader, patchy veining, and Carrara Marble leans towards white with light grey veins and noticeable freckles.

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