5 Classy Ways to Incorporate Marble into your Home
Published on September 22, 2022.

Homeowners pick the best marble floor design for home, especially to bring out the calmness, elegance, and luxurious aesthetics in a subtle yet extravagant manner. A white marble floor design, for one, can make your residence look even more spacious than it already is.

Whether it is thoughtfully installing a marble design in hall or considering the durability and elegance of the marble stone for kitchen marble design, this natural stone has been an elementary component of designing home interiors. Marble is considered the most coveted natural stone by architects, interior designers, and homeowners. Why? This stone oozes elegance in every inch and is known for its timeless beauty, durability, and heat resistance.

Have you considered other trendy yet classy ways of marble installation at home, aside from installing white marble design in kitchen, marble design for floor of your living room, or selecting the best colour and pattern of marble design in room? Well, here are five contemporary and classy ways to incorporate marble into your home —

1. Marble Pillars

If you are aiming to jazz up your residence’s interiors while having the desire to treasure a classic design element in your home, making use of the timeless marble in pillars or columns would be the right route for you. Yes, columns are utilised for load-bearing objectives, but today they are mostly built as an element for creating impeccable home interiors. You can use the Belgium Black Marble by R K Marble to add structure to an aesthetically pleasing corner of your home.

2. Marble Wash Basins

Why just settle for a beautiful marble design for floor in your bathroom space? Create your own wonderland by adding this stone, not just for a supremely elegant bathroom wall but also for a wash basin that equally glams up your rejuvenating space. R K Marble’s Blue St. Topez is among the favourite marble stones of prestigious homeowners for installation in their luxury bathrooms.

3. Marble Statement Wall

Ever considered making a statement through interior design? Instate a masterpiece of marble in your living room and leave your guests stunned in awe. Sure you considered installing the latest marble flooring design; who said installing the marble stone in the most contemporary way in your living room cannot be a choice? Create a statement wall for your busiest living room space and astonish your party guests by effortlessly pivoting an ordinary space into a masterpiece. Showcase your ultra-chic taste in fashion by incorporating the Rosso Lavante imported marble stone, exclusively brought to you by R K Marble. What’s even better is that you can create a quirky, most trending style of interior design today – the book matching marble with R K Marble’s Rosso Lavante.

4. Marble Lampshades & Vases

Complement the expanse of marble flooring with accent pieces or marble themed knick knacks around the house for a more seamless, more natural look. The marble lamp shades can become extensions of the white marble floor or marble vases can bridge the marble countertop with the grey marble floor design.

If you are a fan of biophilic design and aim to create an ambience that is bright, calming, fascinating, and chic all at once, bring in the incredibly beautiful marble accent pieces for your rooms. These accent pieces can be anything from lamps to vases to just an artistic showpiece. The marble accent pieces along with the floor marble design for house make the space appear more comfortable and elegant.

5. Marble Fireplace Backsplash

A fireplace in the living room is generally the centre of attraction for your guests. Why refrain from installing a marble design for wall and make it worth their while? Adding a marble fireplace backsplash will act as a magnet to the guests, leaving them awe-inspired by its magnificent beauty. A little secret? It might even steal the limelight at your party. R K Marble’s Magma Gold Travertine is among the most popular imported marble stones for creating a spectacular fireplace backsplash.

There should be no doubts about incorporating this gorgeous natural stone in your home interiors, however, with the changing styles and trends, it is required to bring in marble in a more stylish and unique manner. Explore through R K Marble’s vast range of marble designs online.