5 Reasons Why Marble Is a Great Fit for New Age Architects and Interior Designers
Published on August 24, 2022.

With the ever-changing personal and professional needs taking over the flow of our lives, modern trends have significantly impacted how we choose our surroundings to feel and look. Trends in the design and architecture industry may come and go, but one exquisite element of nature – marble stone – is here to stay.

Best-quality marble stones have been used to create massively beautiful monuments and infrastructures for hundreds of years, and their imperishable structure and elegant appearance have proven their credibility. Choosing an elegant floor marble design for house is one thing, but choosing the right kind of imported marble for installation in different rooms of your residence also complies with the latest trends in the work of art.

The trends in the marble industry generally don’t undergo a tremendous revolution, but incorporating the use of marble into the latest trends in architecture and design will help you make the most of contemporary interiors for your luxurious home. Finding the best marble for home can be a tough task, but R K Marble, one of the best marble companies in India, makes it easier for you to pick the best quality marble with an A-class experience throughout.

You may select the right marble stone for your home, but how would you incorporate the latest trends into the design of your residence? Let us discuss the latest architectural trends that you can take inspiration from for your luxurious abode.

Imported Marble Trends that Architects & Interior Designers Swear By


The focus of architecture these days is centred on selecting materials either with a longer lifespan or ones that can be reused and recycled. Sustainability impacts the designing of spaces because it has become more inclined toward being environmentally friendly and effortlessly reflects a pure and calm mind. Including eco-friendly materials in terms of furniture, lighting, and other accessories most commonly recyclable is an absolute trend. Marble, for one, is a timeless, durable, and elegant piece of stone that is dominantly used in spaces inspired by nature and sustainability.

The partnership of marble and minimalism is dominating the design industry today. Marble significantly impacts and elevates the purpose of minimalistic design with its charming aesthetics. Pair the marble surface with a contrasting or complementing colour palette of the interior decoration elements to enhance the elegance of your home.

Biophilic Design

All around the world, there is now a great human desire to incorporate as many natural elements as possible into the interiors. This new craze has influenced biophilic design, with architects and designers incorporating natural lighting, airflow, plants, and natural elements like wood and marble into their work. The artistry of décor, emphasizing plants and nature-themed walls, brings nature into our residences. This trend has obvious health advantages as it enhances the ambience, positively affecting our mood and well-being, improving our productivity and lowering our stress levels.


Parametric design is the most modern technological, and architectural breakthrough, based on algorithmic equations to determine all potential options using modern tools such as CAD, BIM, and Fusion 360. Such advanced computing tools create seemingly insurmountable forms and inventive constructions that haven’t been seen before. For example, a closer look at One Kleomenous’s exterior demonstrates the familiar veins and elegance of marble stone. You can use Parametricism to design a cutting-edge masterpiece of marble for your home.

Though nothing beats the sheer elegance and class of a marble stone, pairing it with modern elements of design and trends will only enhance the luxury and opulence of your residence. Contact us for more information regarding the latest marble designs and trends.