5 Ways of Redoing Your Bathroom with RK Marble
Published on October 19, 2022.

Exploring the internet for hours to find your perfect bathroom design? Yes, you are! Whether you are seeking to make minor changes to the existing bathroom design or planning to go overboard with an entire bathroom renovation, picking a bathroom marble design for the space never goes out of style.

Treasured by the world’s most renowned architects and interior designers, Marble has been serving as the finest natural stone adorned in the most famous monuments and finest architectural masterpieces as well as luxurious residences and commercial spaces all around the globe. Picking the best quality marble stone to adorn different spaces of your elegant home would be the best decision you can ever make!

The durability, aesthetic appeal and power to create an unexampled elegance and allure in the space of the installation will help you design a dream home that will be talked about for years. While living room, bedroom, and kitchen space marble designs receive the most attention when it comes to creating a majestic contemporary design in the residence, the bathroom marble design must not be overlooked.

Bathroom marble is considered to create a soothing ambience with a perfect blend of solace, serenity and sensuality. After exploring a myriad of bathroom interior design inspirations, you are bound to be confused about picking the best one for yourself! Don’t worry! We’ve got your back with these 5 ways of redoing your bathroom with RK Marble.

1. Venetino White Bathroom Countertop

Marble countertops are simply breathtaking and add a sophisticated touch to any bathroom. They are easy to clean and maintain, as well as resistant to stains and scratches. Consider using Venetino White Marble for your bathroom countertops if you want to introduce a soothing, elegant masterpiece into the space.

2. Bottinica Gold Onyx Matching Wall and Vanity

Pairing a marble vanity top with your bathroom wall is a simple way to showcase the breathtaking visuals of marble accents while keeping utilisation to a minimum. If you don’t like marble on the floors, complement a marble vanity with the same stone – Bottinica Gold Onyx by RK Marble on the walls for a contemporary bathroom that nevertheless allows for plenty of room colour and artistry.

3. Honey Lime Onyx Bathroom Fixtures

Marble can be used on fixtures such as your bathroom vanity as well as the bathtub, and even shower and light fittings. Marble fixtures must be sealed to protect them from any sort of water damage. Consider using Honey Lime Onyx marble for your bathroom fixtures if you desire to add a touch of luxury to the space.

4. Statuario Variation 1 Marble Bathroom

Statuario Variation 1 by RK Marble has a captivating pure white base which is graced by subtle light and dark greyish-coloured intricate veining and patterns that evoke feelings of serenity, comfort, and refreshment. Introduce sophistication and elegance in this soothing space with minimal black or brown home decor accessories.

5. Persian Blue Onyx Bathroom Accent Wall

A Persian Blue Onyx bathroom accent wall will serve as a centre of attraction in the most soothing space of your home. Leave your guests feeling flabbergasted at every visit by installing one of the most distinctive pieces of nature that oozes luxe and elegance at every inch. When you can install a fine masterpiece in the living room, why not create a peculiar focal point in the serene bathroom space?

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