7 Perfect Places to Use Exotic Granite At Home
Published on October 19, 2022.

One of the most exotic stones available on Earth, granite stone, has been cherished by the world’s most renowned and highly skilled architects and interior designers. For thousands of years, granite has been used as an emblem of power, strength, and durability. Granite is a natural stone with virtually unlimited applications, from kitchen countertops in lavish residences to the pyramids, Mount Rushmore, and several other monumental sites around the globe. Granite stone’s features make it a peculiar combination of being sculptable into almost any structure and durable enough to remain in that form for decades. Granite is among the most beautiful stones that have been used for millennia and are destined to never go out of style.

If you are an aesthete homeowner with impeccable taste in fashion and an eye for contemporary design elements for your luxurious residence, imported granite is the perfect stone for you! The myriad of colours, high durability, impeccable quality, and unexampled aesthetic appearance can transform any ordinary space into something extraordinary. If you are wondering about where you can use exotic granite in your home other than the same old granite floor, you have landed on the perfect article for you. Here are seven spots perfect for using exotic granite at your opulent residence:

1. Soothing Shower

If you want to create a soothing, calming, and refreshing atmosphere in your bathroom, using cool-colored granite for the shower is a must. A stellar masterpiece, like the Blue Bahia Granite by RK Marble, will not only enhance the splendour of this space but will also exude a sense of calm and serenity. The Blue Bahia is a fascinating stone with a medley of blue hues brimming with exuberance and charm. Installed in any room of the luxurious residence, granite appears exquisitely spectacular, but incorporating it in the bathroom, in particular, emits a serene and pleasant vibe.

2. Stellar Staircase

Incorporating Desert Eagle Granite into the staircase of your luxurious residence adds a touch of luxury and a hint of vintage charm. This stunning white granite staircase will leave your guests stunned at first sight and make them fall in love with its elegant appearance.

3. Fabulous Fireplace

A thoughtfully designed and constructed granite mantel is an ideal centre of attraction for just about any space and can transform even the most ordinary fireplace into something out-of-this-world. The sea of black, immersing the grace of white and sweeping away the golden rays, is all that exudes from the Black Fusion Granite by RK Marble. Incorporating a decorative element as such or anything synonymous with this stone will make your fireplace wall become the talk of the town at your residence.

An amazing fact is that the granite is compatible with both traditional wood fireplaces and modern electric LED fireplaces.

4. Astonishing Accent Walls

By adding an accent wall in your living room, you will create a unique feature that will act as the centerpiece of your opulent residence. Granite walls ooze charisma with their stunning, modern-era aesthetic and can effortlessly transform your ordinary space into a phenomenal one. You can incorporate the stunning masterpiece – Bellatrix Granite by RK Marble into your living room as an accent wall and take your guest’s breath away with a breeze!

5. Breathtaking Bathroom Vanity

Given its elegance, durability, mould and water resistance, granite makes an excellent material for bathroom vanities. Choose the Blue St. Tropez Granite by RK Marble if you desire to add a stunning piece to your tasteful bathroom space. Use this grey granite with brown streaks to create an eye-catching structure in your serene bathroom space.

6. Delightful Dining Table

Granite dining tables represent the most peculiar and striking showpieces for your dining area. This space appears vivid and strikingly beautiful thanks to the dynamic granite choices available. RK Marble’s Astrus Granite is a fantastic dining table material that exudes glamour, elegance, and luxury in every inch.


7. Exquisite Kitchen Countertop

Granite is an excellent choice for countertops considering that it is easy to clean and demands minimum maintenance. The Vibranium granite by RK Marble is graced with dynamic dark strokes on a blanket of soft white waves, making it one of the best stones to make your busy kitchen space appear expansive and elegant.

RK Marble is the best granite supplier, offering the widest range of high-quality granite stones to serve all your granite requirements to adorn your luxurious residence. The granite price at the RK Marble store varies depending on the colour, quality, and size of the slab you purchase – we offer 100% transparency. What are you waiting for? Visit your nearest RK Marble store today!