A Guide to Renovating Your Bathroom
Published on October 19, 2022.

Growing up in your ancestral house may sound like a fantasy come true, but with changing times, fast-paced fashion trends, and phenomenally creative interior design ideas, you might start dreaming of getting that most beloved space of yours a much-needed makeover. While renovating the entire home is something everyone thinks of, renovating the rejuvenating bathroom space is often overlooked. Getting bored with the outdated bathroom marble design and craving to get a new one is on every millennial’s mind, especially the ones living in the same old residence for decades. If you are bored with the existing bathroom marble in your room, give it a magical makeover! A bathroom renovation often entails much more than simply updating the fixtures. A renovation can instantly transform into an entire rebuild based on the age of your residence.

While it is critical to select your materials—bath, shower, toilet, sink, lights, etc.—before sledgehammering your outmoded marble floors, you will additionally have to work with your contractor to evaluate what additional structural improvements are required to ensure that when you decide to finally settle in for that long-awaited, refreshing bath in your new bathtub, you can indeed be assured that your floor slabs are in good condition and can sustain the weight, chemicals and any kind of common accidents.

This guide will assist you in deciphering the multiple stages of a bathroom renovation, from expenses to other essential factors you must take into account.

1. Set a budget for your bathroom renovation.

The estimated cost of revamping a bathroom will be determined by a variety of factors, such as the surface area of the space, the extent of work expected, the quantity of marble required, plumbing services, and the quality of any new fixtures or fittings. Before you begin the renovation, make a budget because expenses can quickly add up!

3. Call in the professionals.

You must make sure you pick the most trusted contractor for your bathroom renovation. Take a quick background check by looking at their past projects, services, testimonials, project delivery on schedule, etc. Once you find your contractor, thoroughly discuss your bathroom renovation requirements.

4. Bring in the marble design.

Bring in the incredibly beautiful marble stones from the most reliable and renowned marble manufacturer—R K Marble. With a myriad of marble patterns and colours available on the market, it is natural to be a little cautious about the quality and cost of the marble design you pick for your bathroom renovation. However, at RK Marble, you can put your concerns about marble price and marble quality to rest! Here, you only get offered a memorable marble buying experience with only the best quality marble at affordable rates. You can visit the RK Marble store near you or buy marble online by scrolling through the RK Marble website.

5. Install new fittings and fixtures.

From aesthetically appealing cabinets and towel racks to ambient lighting and faucets, upgrading the fixtures can revamp and enhance the functionality of your bathroom.

6. Improve the ventilation in your refreshing space.

Install an exhaust fan or consider replacing your existing model if it is dysfunctional or ineffective to make certain that excess moisture is eliminated from the atmosphere. Maintaining good ventilation in your bathroom will effectively protect the space from developing mould and keep the room clean and well maintained for longer.

7. Choose bathroom lighting and accessories that complement your interior aesthetics.

Bathroom accessories are an easy and inexpensive way to add oomph to the space. Lights can draw the eyes to the most beautiful vistas and be a treat for your senses. New towels, shutters, and bathmats can completely transform a bathroom. Sufficient storage will also transform an unorganised bathroom into a stylish, tasteful, and well-organised space that allows you to feel relaxed.

We hope this guide to renovating your bathroom helps you bring in the va-va-voom without compromising on the durability, functionality, and quality of the products used in the space.