An Essential Guide to Buying High-Quality Granite
Published on August 23, 2022.

Creating a space that is chic, bold, yet aesthetically appealing can be the taste of a few. Architects and interior designers who strive to design spaces that are functional, durable, and awe-inspiring and a feast for the eyes make use of granite stone in their projects. Imported granite is the most treasured, sought-after piece of nature that is admired by millions and has been in vogue ever since its discovery. Known for its incomparable durability, versatility, and distinctive appearance, this stone can be installed in your home as a granite floor, bathroom walls, vanity or flooring, living room wall panels, or as granite stone for kitchen floors and countertops.

While the application of granite stone can be an easier choice to make because it is suitable to enhance the elegance of any corner of your residence; it can be difficult to cherry-pick the right granite stone for your home as it comes in varied sizes, quality, colours and prices. Worry no more! We have devised a guide to buying high-quality marble, especially for you. Read further to find out everything you need to know while planning to purchase granite for your luxurious residence.

First things first, what is granite?

Granite is the most widely known plutonic rock of the Earth’s crust and is a hard, fairly grained igneous rock rich in feldspar and quartz. It is formed by the deep cooling of the magma (silicate melt). Since its origin lies in nature, each stone slab seems to appear distinct and unique from one another.

Why choose granite stone for your home?

  • Granite stones are the most versatile products available in a wide range of colours such as white, black, grey, green, red, brown, and blue.
  • The white granite and black granite, both being the most popular picks, serve to enhance the luxe and elegance of the premises.
  • Its natural origin gives each stone a distinctive appearance.
  • Its characteristics include being scratch and heat resistant, outstandingly durable and strong, plus its versatility is unparalleled.
  • The best thing about granite is that it requires minimum maintenance when sealed; you only need a granite-friendly cleaner and a damp cloth to keep the surface clean.
  • Its installation in any corner of your home can bring out the elegance and glamour of your space. Granite is known to add value to the aesthetics of any space it is adorned in.

What are the different types of granite stones available at R K Marble?

R K Marble brings to you a wide range of exotic granite stones. Let’s have a glimpse of a portion of the granite collection available at R K Marble:

  • White granite: Monte Bianco Variations, Milano, Super White Marble, and Vibranium Granite Marble.
  • Black granite: Bellatrix, Belvedere, Black Fusion, and Kozmus Granite.
  • Grey granite: Mirage, Vulcano Crystal, Nuvolato Azzuro, London Grey Variations, and Copa Gabana Granite.
  • Red granite: Revolution and Vulcano granites.
  • Green granite: Cheyene Granite, Avocatus, Botanic Green, Emerald Quartzite, or Verde Lapponia
  • Blue Granite: Labradorite, Bethany Blue, Mistike, and Blue Fusion
  • Brown granite: Astrus Granite, Bronze Star, and Duetto brown granite stones.

How can you give your granite a customised look?

You can get a custom look based on the preferred finish of the stone. You can pick from flamed, honed, leathered, polished or other innovative finishes to give your granite stone a distinct appearance.

You can also customise the edge of the granite stone, which plays a role in the aesthetics, safety, and functionality the stone provides. You can choose from various edge options such as: eased, round edge, vintage ogee profile, bullnose, bevel, etc.

What is the granite price?

R K Marble’s granite prices range from around Rs. 700 to Rs. 7000/-per square foot. You can visit the R K Marble store or pick your granite from within the realms of your home from the R K Marble website.

What are you waiting for? Cherry-pick your favourite granite stone and amp up the aesthetics of your home.