Bathroom Marble Designs That Will Blow Your Mind
Published on August 23, 2022.

Hear the word “marble” and you instantly start imagining spacious, gleaming living rooms, astonishingly beautiful kitchen countertops, and elegant yet relaxing bathrooms. You may even begin to reminisce about that one time you visited the Taj Mahal and instantly fell in love with its alluring beauty. Its incredibly magnificent and heavenly structure must have left you wondering about how a stone so beautiful and smooth could live through centuries of climatic changes and life.

Through hundreds of years, marble has evolved from being just an ancient building material to being the stone most coveted by architects and interior designers to create showstopper residential and commercial spaces. If you are looking forward to incorporating marble design in room of your residential premises, a bathroom marble design is a must to make your relaxing space look luxurious and elegant.

Although marble for bedroom is the chicest pick you can have considering how spacious and alluring bedroom marble flooring and walls can look, bathroom marble beats every space you add marble stone to. R K Marble brings to you a wonderful, meticulously picked marble collection you can showcase in the bathrooms of your residence.

Here are a few inspirational masterpieces of bathroom marble design you can find exclusively at the R K Marble store or buy online through the R K Marble Website:

A Classic White Bathroom Marble

R K Marble’s Statuario Premium Variant has a fascinating pure white background which is adorned by an open-ended web of light and dark greyish-coloured delicate veins and designs that result in feelings of tranquillity, solace, and rejuvenation. Add minimal black or brown décor accessories to elevate the elegance of the relaxing space. You can experiment with accessories of earthy tones to partner with this marble. It will not just amp up the luxury quotient of your space but also make the bathroom appear rather calming and opulent.

An Exotic Green Bathroom Marble

Dreaming of a showstopper in the bathroom space? The Botanic Green Marble from R K Marble is your stone of choice. A luminescent stone that resembles an artwork derived from Mother Nature’s palette for a splash of colour for a contemporary look in your bathroom. Pair this beautiful marble installation with subtle white or silver accessories and enjoy the luxurious bath amidst this elegant piece of art.

The Bubbling Blue Bathroom Marble

The Blue Bahia by R K Marble is an awe-inspiring piece of natural stone in your personal spa & sauna – a melting pot of shades of blue fizzing with electric exuberance and delicacy. Bathroom interiors will indeed look striking with their esoteric and completely unpredictable blue trends as wall panelling. When partnered with white, gold, or silver accessories and statement pieces, your bathroom is sure to appear exquisitely graceful.

A Cloud White Bathroom Marble

Volakas White Marble conjures up images of pure white vanilla clouds with pink caramel sun rays delicately swirling through them. It infuses your bathroom interiors with a soft urban ambience while evoking the warmth and pureness of your younger years. Whether installed as flooring, a wall or a bathroom vanity, this bathroom marble design will surely turn the heads of the guests who enter the space. The Volakas White Marble by R K Marble will make your bathroom space appear capacious and luxe.

There is no arguing that marble is one of the most alluring natural stones that can grace our space. Doing up your bathrooms with this stone will allow you to enjoy your me-time every morning before you kickstart your day.