Black Marble or Black Granite: Which One Is Better?
Published on November 11, 2022.

The prodigious industry of natural stone proudly offers the two masterpieces of nature – marble and granite – in abundance. A myriad of blogs, brochures, and companies offering so much information about imported granite and marble can make it almost overwhelmingly confusing to select what’s best for you. We have all been there at some point. While white marble and granite stones are the most talked about when designing luxury homes, let’s talk about black marble and black granite stones in this article.

The black marble floor, which is frequently associated with sophistication, fascination, glamour, and mystique vibes, transforms any space into an extraordinary marvel of your elegant residence.

If you are confused about which stone is ideal for different areas of your home, we’ve got you covered with every piece of information you will ever need to know about black marble and black granite. Read further and pick what’s best for you.

Black Marble

What is Black Marble?

Black Marble is a type of limestone. The term “black marble” refers to a variety of metamorphic natural stones formed by the recrystallization of limestone under extreme pressure and heat. The coloured patterns and veins of the black marble stones range from white to grey and gold to beige.

Maintenance: Black marble has a surface that requires minimal maintenance. Despite its durability, black marble must be cleaned instantly for protracted use. It necessitates some effort to maintain this natural stone; nothing difficult, but it does require proper maintenance and care for long-term use.

Application: The allure of the black marble stone enhances the splendour and sheer elegance of your opulent home. You can place it in any corner of your residence, such as the living room flooring, bathroom clad in black marble, bedroom highlight, or kitchen countertop marble; the raw magnetism of the black marble will only amplify the royalty and lavishness of your residence.

Black Marble at RK Marble: Imported Black Marble including Belgium Black, Black & Gold Daytona, Black Shadow, Black Swan, Black Valley, Renoir, Noir St. Laurent – you can find some of the most unique, stellar black marble stones at RK Marble.


RK Marble introduces to you premium imported marble that has undergone stringent computerised heat resin (CHR) treatment to provide you with premium products from across the world. Every single stone surface is examined against the world’s cutting-edge standards before being delivered to you to relish the pinnacle of elegance.

Cost: The black marble price at RK Marble starts from Rs. 650/-per square foot.



Black Granite

What is Black Granite?

Geologists refer to black granites as dark-colored igneous rocks that are also recognised as basalt, gabbro, and diorite. This work of art is a distinct natural stone that looks pretty elegant whether installed as a granite floor in almost any space of your opulent residence.

Maintenance: Black granite stone is extremely durable and resistant to water, requiring little maintenance and is simple to clean. To clean this stone, all that is needed is warm soapy water and a cloth. Could it get any easier? Since black granite stone is denser than some other granite stones, it is less porous by nature. This stone is non-reactive to most liquids and therefore does not stain easily.

Application: Black granite can be employed in several areas of your residence to enhance the elegance of your home’s interiors. The black granite stone can be used for applications such as countertops, flooring, bathroom vanities, and dining tables, as well as cladding, each of which will add sophistication to the designated area.

Black Granite options available at RK Marble: Explore the widest range of black granite options at RK Marble with stones such as Belvedere, Black Fusion, Black Marinace, Kozmus, Copa Cabana, Brasil Bronzetto, and many more…

Cost: Buy granite online from RK Marble at a granite price ranging between Rs. 600/-to Rs. 7700/-per square foot depending on the rarity of the unique stones. You can also choose to visit the RK Marble store near you to explore the collection and make a purchase.

We would suggest using black granite for the kitchen countertop, bathroom floors and walls, and wall cladding in the living area considering the ease of maintenance, durability, water resistance, and stain-free characteristics. Black marble, on the other hand, can be used as flooring, wall panels, and bathroom marble for your residence.