Black Marble Trends That Are Creating a Storm
Published on November 11, 2022.

Black marble is a chic addition to homes that introduces richness and elegance. This masterpiece of nature is known for its distinctive charm, incredible durability, and ease of maintenance. Most coveted by renowned architects and interior designers, black marble can last for generations when cared for appropriately. Installed in various spaces to oomph the chic factor, imported marble only adds to the aesthetic value of your home. Black Marble for home has proven to be sleek and a thoughtful addition to sumptuous homes when used for application in the form of kitchen countertops, flooring, and accent walls.

Ageless Black Marble

Even though marble is often chosen by skilful architects and interior designers as well as aesthete homeowners for their durability and water and heat resistance, people today prefer investing in marble stones that not only offer the aforementioned but also blend well with the aesthetics of their home interiors.

Earlier, people’s first choice would be white marble, and why not? It is timelessly beautiful, makes the space appear expansive, and adds a classic touch of elegance to the space of installation. However, aesthete homeowners today like to add a design element that oozes elegance along with the glitz and glamour of the world. In such instances, what could be better than a black marble installation in their homes?

A colour known for its unrivalled charm and ability to bring glamour, grace, and fascination into space will only leave your guests astounded at every sight.An alluring masterpiece such as black marble will effortlessly turn itself into the focal point of your luxurious residence. Host a party and watch your black marble accent wall steal the limelight and become the talk of the town for generations.

Hey! Do you want to bring in the magnificence of the charming black marble too? Are you tired of scrolling through the internet to find black marble trends that are creating a rage in the design industry today? The confusion might get overwhelming at any time now! But wait! Why worry when you’ve got RK Marble by your side? We’ve got the best quality marble options for you to select from.

1. Belgium Black Marble

A black marble floor as stunning as this is a stellar choice for a select few. This masterpiece has a jet-black charm adorning the white cloudy patterns throughout its surface. Not just as a marble floor, but you can use this stunner as your luxurious staircase or TV wall to add a touch of sophistication and fascination to the space.

2. Renoir Marble

Oh, what a breathtaking piece of marble! The white streaks weave through and embrace the darkness inside, with golden tones gently glinting across the surface. Renoir by RK Marble leaves lasting impressions on every person that lays eyes on it. Along with using it as a marble floor, you can use this masterpiece as your kitchen countertop. Imagine your kitchen space serving as the centre of attraction of your residence. That’s what a Renoir countertop can do!

3. Noir St. Laurent Marble

A striking piece of stone can turn any ordinary space into an extraordinary focal point of your dream home. While it can be used as bedroom and living room flooring as well as wall panels, this stunner can also do wonders for your relaxing space—the bathroom. People expect very little from this rejuvenating space, so why not leave them feeling flabbergasted with the grace and glamour of the Noir St. Laurent bathroom walls and flooring?

4. Black & Gold Daytona Marble

On your quest to purchase the best marble for home, this stellar piece is sure to make your heart set on it. One of our best-selling black marble stones, the Black & Gold Daytona, will make you fall in love with the richness of black it comes with. An unparalleled charm and mystique allure—that’s how we define this magnificent piece of nature.

With a black marble stone, add a mystique vibe to your sumptuous residence and cast a spell of fascination, enchantment, and glamour. You can buy some of the finest black marble stones, such as Belgium Black, Black & Gold Daytona, Black Horse, Black Ice Pearl, Black Shadow, Black Swan, Golden Portoro, Renoir, Noir St. Laurent, and many more. Thinking about the price? Black marble price at RK Marble ranges between Rs. 20/-and Rs. 300/-per square foot. Wait no more! Buy now!