Bring in Luxury and Elegance with Imported Marble
Published on July 29, 2022.

Marble stone, just like diamonds, is a marvellous creation of nature. Marble has been associated with luxury and opulence ever since its existence, marking its way through being used in building the world’s most magnificent establishments, ranging from the Taj Mahal in India to the Grand Central Station in New York.

This gem has now become one of the most preferred choices of architects and interior designers who look forward to creating timeless projects that appeal to the eyes of every person that walks by. With leading-edge technology and innovation taking over, marble stone has now become available to a greater extent of the population, giving a newfangled twist to the modern era’s luxury interiors. Indian marble, sadly, is questioned for authenticity and lacks the ability to grab attention if compared to imported marble, which comes with an array of colour options and superior quality.

R K Marble, with its imported marble collection, makes it possible for you to make a choice out of hundreds of options available at hand. These are a few ways you can use imported marble in unique ways to ramp up the beauty and luxury quotient of your interiors:

Wall of Elegance

The living room is the most visited room in the house, whether it is hosting a party or having a cosy movie night with friends. The Avocatus by R K Marble is among the most captivating marble designs for walls. You can grace your residence with the vivid, serene wings of dynamic green hue, making its way to the wilderness of black. The rare silver embrace adds to its endearing elegance.

Waves of the Beige

This particular marble for living room has been admired by architects, interior designers, and, well, pretty much anyone who has installed this timeless masterpiece in their premises.The Brescia Medicea marble provides a glimpse of white waves permeating through the mellow seaside. This masterpiece, in a princely shade for refined interiors, morphs any space into an absolute pinnacle of eloquence.

Kitchen marble ideas are the most difficult to find. Choosing the right aesthetic can be a stressful task for you. R K Marble brings you just the right kitchen marble design disguised in the name of Michealangelo. You can use this stunning marble for flooring and as a countertop stone. Adding a hint of elegance to your kitchen can never go out of style, right?

Marvelous Dining

A marble dining table has to be the most exquisite piece of choice for your luxurious, elegant residence. While searching for marble dining table ideas doesn’t come easy, RK Marble brings you Lumix Marble, a sparse white expanse sprinkled with earthy, gleamy golden streaks that add peculiarity to your contemporary design.

These marble stones from R K Marble will add a touch of elegance and luxury to your beautifully designed residence. Make your home a triumph of opulence in existence with marble stones that can easily put anyone in awe. Choose from a wide variety of marble options at R K Marble.