Brown Granite: Where & How to Style It?
Published on November 14, 2022.

Granite is known for its distinctive charm, wide range of colours and incredible durability. This natural stone is the most treasured by skilful architects and interior designers. When it comes to adding a touch of luxe and elegance to the space, these artists and aesthete homeowners frequently opt to incorporate a granite stone into the design.

Planning and designing a magnificent masterpiece, even in the most luxurious spaces, is the taste of the select few. A trending, nature-inspired biophilic design, for one, calls for installing a brown granite stone in your dreamy residence.

Bring in the divinity of mother nature by installing the phenomenal brown granite in your luxurious residential space. The earthy tones of brown imported granite will help you create a distinctive, extraordinarily elegant, nature-inspired interior. The unparalleled beauty of the brown granite stone is fated to honour the exquisite interiors of your dream home while exuding a fascinating charm that is pleasing to the senses.

If you think that the brown granite will only amp up the aesthetic appeal of your residence, let us stop you right there! The brown granite stone will also serve as a smart pick for your home, thanks to its unique features, out-of-the-world aesthetic appeal, and premium quality that is a valuable investment down the line. Brown granite is a highly durable, stain-proof (when sealed), heat-resistant, and easy-to-maintain natural stone that will prove to be the most admired addition to your luxurious abode. Another perk of selecting a brown granite stone for your home is the wide range of applications it offers. You can use this stone as a kitchen countertop, wall panel, accent wall, bathroom wall, flooring, dining table, etc. If you are confused about how to style the brown granite stone or where to use it in your residence, we’ve got you a few ideas.

1. Make your kitchen space the focal point of your residence with a brown granite countertop.

The incredible durability, marvellous aesthetic appeal, and its ability to be stain-free (when sealed), heat-resistant, and easy to clean make it a perfect option for a kitchen countertop application. Demanding minimal maintenance, the Astrus Granite by RK Marble has been admired by millions for creating a functional yet aesthetically appealing kitchen space that does not just ooze elegance and luxury but also leaves a lasting impression on anyone laying eyes on it.

2. Create an elegant, chic yet relaxing bathroom space by installing brown granite bathroom walls and flooring.

Who doesn’t like to add a touch of elegance to their relaxing space anyway? The Bronze Star Granite will prove to be one distinctive, chic design element that will effortlessly amp up the elegance of your bathroom space while also making the ambience of your comforting space even more relaxing and soothing. A touch of nature is all you need to feel relaxed and calm after all.

3. Install a stunning brown granite TV wall in your living area and leave your guests feeling flabbergasted.

Host a party and watch your Duetto Granite TV wall steal the limelight of your party. Add a few plants to the space and make your space one of the most comfortable and calming corners of your luxurious residence. There is so much you can do with a brown granite TV wall, right? Installing the Duetto Granite by RK Marble as your TV wall will make the space the centre of attention and your home interiors the talk of the town for years to come.

4. Bring in the glamorous, sleek addition with the brown granite dining table.

Who said Astrus Granite can only be used for kitchen countertops? This stone serves as the most distinctive, nature-inspired element when introduced into the space as a chic dining table.

While these are just a few ideas, you can use brown granite as accent walls, backsplashes, fireplace walls, living room flooring, bedroom walls, and in probably every space you can possibly think of. Don’t waste time thinking about where to purchase this stone when you can easily buy marble online from the RK Marble website right from the comfort of your home. The exotic brown granite price at RK Marble starts from 650/-per square foot, making it a value addition to your living spaces for generations to come. The best part is that you can leave your worries regarding the quality of the brown granite at bay – visit the RK Marble store near you. Here you are only offered a wide range of the best quality brown granite stones. So, wait no more. Buy now!