Brown Marble – Types and Uses of Marble
Published on September 22, 2022.

Purchasing a house requires adequate knowledge about investments, amenities, and property value, but making that house you just purchased a “home” needs much more than that. Designing a home is an amalgamation of emotions, efforts, and a passion for your design, for homeowners today! We are all aware that imported marble application is one of the quintessential points of consideration while making an interior design plan. Marble stone is a timeless beauty adored for its impeccable durability, aesthetically eye-pleasing appearance, and its ability to be heat-resistant. Architects and interior designers consider the area of application, budget, purpose, and sense of style before suggesting a marble stone installation in the space.

While white marble stone is the sought-after piece most trusted by homeowners in general, owing to its timeless beauty and durability that lasts for generations. Individuals with high fashion taste and their urge to feel closer to nature these days are more inclined towards creating a state-of-the-art kind of residence. The desire to create a masterpiece residence inspired by nature brings them closer to investing in incredible beauties such as Irish Brown Marble or Brown Onyx Marble such as Vatican Tra Onyx by R K Marble.

Top Brown Marble for in-vogue design

Adorned in some of the most luxurious homes, a brown marble stone exudes elegance, extravagance, and delight all at once. If you have a modish taste in fashion, designing a nature-inspired home with brown marble texture and golden brown marble flooring would be among your first picks for the dream home. The vast chromatic spectrum of earth tones may be found in the many types of brown marble. Its lovely brown hues evoke peace and relaxation in opulent settings and reconnect our emotions with nature.

The tonal diversity of its veins cannot be underestimated. Lines of colour as distinct from one another as those seen in white, coral, or gold may be found in brown stone. Let’s explore the five most preferred brown marble stones by R K Marble.

1. The Tobacco Brown

Tobacco Brown marble’s earthy streaks lend a homely, pleasant atmosphere that is perfectly suitable for designing a room with timeless elegance and a sense of tranquillity. The deeper hues give the rooms a sense of poise. Making a hallway out of this natural stone would not only make your home seem sumptuous, but would also promote relaxation and rejuvenation in the space.

2. The Dark Emperador

The dark brown marble is covered in a stunning gold lattice, giving the rooms a luxurious feel. The Dark Emperador is a fantastic choice for a kitchen countertop. By combining this stone with grey or white cabinetry, you can enhance the appearance of this busy space like a pro!

3. The Cafe Amaro

The Cafe Amaro marble, a distinctive hue of coffee and crème, is a masterpiece of nature for your interior space. This light brown marble looks incredibly breathtaking as a living room floor when paired with dark brown or grey furniture and accent pieces in gold, silver, or rose gold.

4. The Royal Vendome

The Royal Vendome brown marble is an element of glamour and looks best as a bathroom marble. This stone is destined to make your guests fall in love with its beauty, glamour, and subtle charm. Add gold accent pieces and faucets to make the space appear even more luxurious.

5. The New Bronze Amani

The New Bronze Amani marble epitomises natural monarchy with its stunning elegance and sophistication. Add this delightful piece to your bedroom interiors with a combination of white or warm lights and watch your guests go gaga over its beauty.

R K Marble is among the most renowned and trusted brown marble suppliers in India. The process of selecting and purchasing slabs for your brown marble flooring at R K Marble will be an experience to remember, all thanks to the knowledgeable staff, fantastic experience, and let’s not forget the extensive range of brown marble options available at the store and online on the website.