Classic vs. Contemporary Interiors
Published on November 14, 2022.

Natural stones like timeless marble and gorgeous granite stone have been used by design industry experts to create some of the most unique masterpieces for centuries. Earlier, white marble stone was frequently the stone of choice for some classic applications. However, in recent times, people have started using stones of different colours to stay up to date with trends.

Even though the timeless elegance of the marble stone has been known to humankind for centuries, its exceptional versatility has only recently been discovered. Italian marble can add a touch of class to any space it is incorporated into. Whether you choose marble design in hall or marble design in room, just like glass accessories, you can never go wrong with marble!

Granite, on the other hand, offers a touch of luxury, modernity, and distinctive charm to any space. The finesse of the texture, wide range of vivid colours and unique patterns, incredible durability and worldly charm of the imported granite stones unveil a truly distinctive aesthetic in every place of application.

As an aesthete homeowner, you might be drawn to contemporary home décor but still feel hung up on the classic kind of home interior. Let’s compare the classic and contemporary interior design aesthetics so you can pick your home interior aesthetic accordingly.

Living Room: An Elegance Par Excellence

Traditionally, marble stone has always been unrivalled when it comes to designing classic home interiors. The pure white base with hints of pink swirling through the Flawless White Variation 4 marble flooring paired with beige and brown furniture will give you the classic vibe you have been looking for. Gold accessories or accent pieces will serve as the cherry on top.

On the contrary, a contemporary living room must be a perfect blend of natural stone and artistic, contemporary design elements such as an extraordinary chandelier, beautiful paintings, and unique showpieces. To create a space as striking as this, you must invest in stones with vivid colours and patterns. Go for a lighter-coloured stone such as the grey-coloured Piazzo Navona for the flooring and incorporate an arresting masterpiece such as the Verde Lapponia for your accent wall.

Bathroom: A True Definition of Eternal Bliss

An intimate, personal setting that evokes feelings of relaxation, calmness, and serenity. Choose lighter-coloured stones, such as Volakas White, and pair them with silver bathroom accessories to enhance the elegance of your classic bathroom interiors. Additionally, using lighter-toned colours will make the space appear expansive and more soothing to the senses.

For a contemporary look, it is best to introduce a blend of elegance and glamour to the space. This will leave your guests feeling awestruck, we promise. Make use of beautiful stones like Avorio for flooring and walls and pair them with a black bathroom vanity, silver bathroom accessories and carefully crafted mirrors.

Kitchen Space: Resilience That Lasts For Generations

Adding a stone that can help the space get through the wear and tear for years is one thing you do right here. If you are an aesthete homemaker dreaming of baking cookies with your family in your classic kitchen space, you might fall in love with a stone as beautiful as Vibranium. Pairing this beauty with white kitchen cabinets and silver kitchenware items will help you add a classic, vintage vibe to the space.

As for the contemporary design, there is no going wrong with adding a different coloured countertop and kitchen backsplash. Elegant, stunning, durable, and extraordinary are the words we use to describe the Dark Emperador. Stones like these are available in abundance at RK Marble. With a little assistance from the RK Marble team, you will be able to make your guests feel stunned by the elegance and luxury of this space.

Bedroom: A Perfect Blend of Beauty and Comfort

Warm lights, beige or brown flooring, a cosy fireplace, and gold accents can speak volumes when it comes to classic bedroom interiors. To create a space as stunning as this, stones like Panama Gold and Light Emperador Golden are must-haves. Pair the beige and brown flooring with beige furniture, beautiful chandeliers, and warm lights. Truly dreamy, isn’t it?

Contemporary bedroom design talks about elegance, luxury, comfort, and voguish accessories all at once. To create a stellar masterpiece like this, pick darker coloured stones such as Belgium Black for flooring and pair it with a Vega Blue accent wall. Add hints of silver through accent pieces, cool colours of bed sheets and pillows, beautiful paintings, and warm lights in the space.

Whatever design you pick, you can always trust RK Marble to purchase the best quality imported marble and granite.