Black marble is a natural stone that stands out owing to its exclusive beauty and sophistication. It looks extremely elegant when used in different spaces, residential as well as commercial.

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Buy Premium Black Marble at R K Marble

When it comes to choosing the most alluring and exquisite-looking stone in the world, black marble has to be an architect or interior designer’s stone of choice. Black marble is a limestone which forms into a metamorphic natural stone under extreme heat and pressure. The sheer elegance of this stone comes from the appearance of patterns and veins of varied colours, from white to grey and gold to beige. R K Marble is a one-stop solution for all your black marbles for home interiors.

Black Marble – Get Best Black Marble at R K Marble

When it comes to adding sophistication and elegance to the premises of your home, black marble stone leaves no doubt as to being an apt choice for homeowners and designers. Whether installed as a black marble floor, wall panel, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity, or staircase, the black marble stone is set to turn heads and leave lasting impressions on anyone laying eyes on it. R K Marble Group as a company spares no effort in providing its treasured clientele with premium quality black marble and offers a reliable after-sales service for a remarkable marble buying experience.

R K Marble – Black Marble Supplier in India

R K Marble Kishangarh is among the most reputed black marble suppliers in India. Established in 1989, this simple warehouse has set high standards for the stones and services it has to offer its clients in India. Black marble prices at R K Marble start from as low as Rs. 610/- per square foot. With the desire to offer its clients the best quality imported marble from around the world, R K Marble brings to you superior quality imported marble that undergoes stringent Computerised Heat Resin (CHR) treatment. Every single stone slab is tested against the leading edge standards of the world before it is brought to you to enjoy the epitome of elegance.

Black Marble uses and application

The alluring appearance of the black marble stone adds to the beauty and sheer elegance of your luxurious residence. You can place it in any nook of your home, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen; this stone will only enhance the royalty and opulence of your residence. Let’s have a look at several areas of your home you can adorn with black marble –

  1. Bathroom Walls and Vanity: Did you assume the black marble will make your relaxing space appear gloomy and dull? In contrast, black marble stone when added as walls or vanity in your bathroom and paired with bright decorative elements will make your space look gracefully elegant. You can add golden faucets, taps, and showers to add a touch of royalty and glamour to the space.
  2. Living room: Whether used as flooring or as a wall panel, black marble stone in the living room is the only masterpiece you need to make your residence appear luxurious and sophisticated. The black marble stones used in the living area are bound to be the most talked about spaces in your home by the guests you host. With sheer elegance, black marble can gracefully leave lasting impressions on anyone laying eyes on the stone.
  3. Kitchen walls or countertops: Black marble in the kitchen space, when partnered with wooden cabinets and contrast-coloured accent pieces or accessories, will enhance the elegance of your space. This busy corner of your home deserves a touch of royalty, luxury, and comfort. A black marble is precisely installed in the space to do just that and more.
  4. Bedroom wall or flooring: Step into a world of elegance every time you enter your room. A black marble stone installed on the walls of your bedroom can make your private space appear none less than that of royalty. Black marble flooring in the bedroom will only make the space appear like a world-class piece of art. This stone is set to make your room appear luxurious, elegant, glamorous, chic and royal all at once.undefined

Shop from a wide range of Black Marble Designs at R K Marble

R K Marble offers its treasured clientele a plethora of black marble designs to choose from. Along with an excellent experience, R K Marble offers a wide variety of black marble designs to select from. You can choose from exquisite R K Marble stones such as Belgium Black, Bellatrix, Black & Gold Daytona, Black Fusion, Black Shadow, Equilibrium, Metallic, and many more. undefinedFAQsundefined

What stone is black marble?

Black Marble is a type of dolomite – a metamorphic stone formed from limestone. Black marble covers a range of metamorphic natural stones created by the recrystallization of limestone under intense heat and pressure. The black marble stones vary in colour patterns and veins, ranging from white to grey and gold to beige. undefined

Is black marble good?

Black marble is highly durable and doesn’t absorb water. It is also known to offer warmth and radiance to the space it is installed in. This makes black marble good for homes and commercial spaces. undefined

What is the difference between black marble and white marble?

Black marble, when compared to white marble, can make any space appear visually smaller, yet more glamorous and elegant. However, black marble will also have visible stains and scratches in higher amounts when compared with white marble. Pure black marble is not very easily available in the market, but a few quarries do offer white marble. undefined

Is black marble hard to maintain?

Black marble is highly porous and has a high-maintenance surface. Even though it is very durable, the black marble must be cleaned immediately for lasting use. It requires some effort to maintain this natural stone; nothing too hard, but it does need good care and maintenance for lasting use. undefined

Is a black marble rare?

Black Marble is a rare stone that can be sourced from R K Marble Kishangarh. You will not find the premium varieties of black marble in just any local store in your city. This masterpiece of nature is exclusively available at R K Marble stores and on the R K Marble website.

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