Seeking an abundance of elegance and flair to introduce into your luxurious abode will only lead you closer to investing in nature's masterpiece-Calacatta Marble. This alluring marble has a white background with grey veins interspersed throughout the base, giving it a distinct, graceful appearance.

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Premium Calacatta Marble available at R K Marble

Marble is a timeless stone known for its aesthetic appearance and incredible durability. There are various kinds of marble stones available on the market today, quarried from various regions around the globe. One such rare and iconic marble stone is the Italian Calacatta marble. Calacatta marble is a natural stone with a white base and greyish veins interrupted by golden webs scattered all through the base. This stone, installed in any space of your home, will not only increase the elegance and make the space appear most aesthetically appealing, but also make it appear more expansive and incredibly luxurious. Adorning your home with Calacatta gold marble is probably the best choice you can ever make. If you are looking to purchase the best quality Calacatta marble for your opulent residence, R K Marble is the place for you!

Marble – Get the Best Calacatta Marble for your Home

R K Marble Group, as a company, strives to offer its treasured clientele nothing but the best quality marble along with dependable after-sales service. Calacatta marble is an extremely rare stone, rarely available on the market. However, R K Marble brings to you the best quality Calacatta Marble from Tuscany, Italy. Understanding the client’s perspective on design and budget and meeting the customer’s requirements allows the company to offer the best possible Calacatta marble stones at the best price. Calacatta Vagli is exclusively available at the R K Marble store. Calacatta Vagli white marble is considered one of the world’s finest Italian marble stones and is an outstanding choice for sophisticated interior decoration. Calacatta marble resembles a piece of fluid art frozen in time, having patches of white covered in greyish veins disrupted by a web of gold.

R K Marble offers the best range of Calacatta Marble

R K Marble took the first step into the industry with a simple R K Marble Kishangarh warehouse established in the year 1989 and has been expanding its services and supply of the best quality natural stones ever since. Calacatta Vagli is one of the most precious and luxurious stones supplied by R K Marble, brought to you directly from the quarries of Tuscany, Italy. This phenomenal natural stone can effortlessly elevate the elegance of your residence and add a touch of luxury to every inch of your home. Since the stone has a beautiful pearly white base, using it for marble flooring will make the space appear incredibly expansive and drop-dead gorgeous. R K Marble offers nothing but the best of Calacatta Marble, so look no further and visit the store today!

Advantages of Calacatta Marble Flooring in Your Home

Calacatta marble is not only an extremely rare and beautiful natural stone; having Calacatta marble flooring in your home has several advantages. Let’s check out a few advantages of this natural masterpiece:

  1. Non-porous in nature
  2. Heat and stain-resistant
  3. Highly durable
  4. Easy to maintain
  5. Distinctive appearance
  6. It can effortlessly elevate the elegance of the space
  7. Blends well with the home interiors
  8. Can be used for a variety of applications such as flooring in living room and bedrooms, bathroom walls and floors, kitchen countertops and floors, etc.

1. What is Calacatta marble?

Calacatta marble is a kind of Carrara marble quarried in the region of Tuscany, Italy. Calacatta marble slabs have a white background with gold and grey veins scattered all through them.

2. Is Calacatta marble good for flooring?

Calacatta marble flooring can be an apt choice for your luxurious residence, especially because Calacatta marble tile can effortlessly blend into the interior design you have picked for your opulent residence. Calacatta also serves as a good flooring option thanks to its quality of being non-porous, durable, and heat and stain-resistant.

3. Is Calacatta marble expensive?

Yes. Calacatta white marble is a rare stone and is not easily available on the market, which is why it is also considered among the most precious and luxurious stones in the world. The Calacatta marble price will cost you around Rs. 3500/-per square foot. However, the whiter the base, the more the price of this Calacatta marble will increase.

4. What are the trending Calacatta marbles available at RK Marble?

Calacatta Vagli is the most trending Calacatta white marble, exclusively available at the RK Marble store.

5. How to clean Calacatta marble?

Cleaning Calacatta surfaces daily with a cleaner specifically designed for natural stone surfaces is perhaps the most basic thing you can do to care for them. It is best to use a natural stone cleaning product for the best outcomes. You must also remember to get the surface sealed regularly to expand its lifespan.

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