Granite stone is nature's masterpiece. These incredibly beautiful stones can be used to oomph up your ordinary spaces and leave your guests awestruck with their glamorous appearance.

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Granite is a popular choice of stone among architects and interior designers as its application ranges from beautiful sculptures to enormous buildings. For thousands of years, granite has been considered the symbol of prestige and power. Its durability is remarkable. It was often used in paving blocks and as a structural stone, which made granite excavation a great industrial activity. The applications of granite have come a long way since. R K Marble is a granite supplier that brings a wide range of imported granite and quality products to its valuable customers along with an excellent after-sales service.

Get Elegant Granite for your Home

Granite stone is among the most elegant stones in the world and is available in a wide range of granite colours such as pink, red, white, grey, and black. Granite is a show-stopper that can make your home a masterpiece of luxury, whether added as a wall panel, backdrop, granite floor, granite countertops, or even as a dining table slab. Using granite stone for the kitchen not just elevates its elegance but enhances the luxury factor in the space. Kitchen granite is the best choice for people who seek luxury stones that are easy to clean with minimal maintenance.

Types of Granite at R K Marble

R K Marble brings you a variety of this masterpiece of nature, distinctive in thickness, polish, colour, and quality. The different types of granite based on colours available at R K Marble are:

  1. White Granite:
    Granites such as the Monte Bianco Variations, Milano, Super White Marble, and Vibranium Granite Marble are excellent choices for home decorators aiming to alter the space with elegance. White granite countertops are evidently the most preferred stone in the home as they require minimum effort and are easy to clean.
  2. Black Granite:
    Bellatrix, Belvedere, Black Fusion Marble, and Kozmus Marble are exotic black stones that gracefully add glamour and elegance to your space. Belvedere is the stone highly demanded backdrops and wall panels in the living area. It is said to turn heads and leave a lasting impression on the guests you host.
  3. Green Granite:
    Avocatus, Botanic Green, Cheyene Granite, Emerald Quartzite, Gaya Granite, Verde Lapponia, and Vitoria Regia are some of the most exquisite granites available at R K Marble. The Verde Lapponia and the Avocatus Granite are most popularly used as wall panels in the living area, and the Botanic Green is preferred to add a beautiful colour pop in the bathroom.
  4. Brown Granite:
    Astrus Granite is a beautiful brown stone that has a galaxy-like appearance; it makes an excellent show-stopper if installed as a wall panel in the living room. Bronze Star and Duetto brown granite are also among the popular choices of home decorators.
  5. Blue Granite:
    A masterpiece dining table can be created using blue granite such as Labradorite. This breathtaking piece of art is known to transform an ordinary space into a space of sheer elegance and art. Azul Macaubas Variations, Bethany Blue, Blue Fusion, and Mistike are a few blue granites with subtle tones and bold appearances often used in homes and offices to elevate elegance and bring out the opulence of the space.
  6. Red Granite:
    The Revolution and Vulcano marbles are the best picks of interior designers who master the art of making a space look dramatically chic and glamorous. The ravishing red will awe your guests and make you proud of the masterpiece you have in your home.
  7. Grey Granite:
    Mirage is a dark grey exotic granite from R K Marble that can be used as wall panels or a backdrop all throughout the living area. It brings out the feelings of being in the realms of nature, amidst the woods. The Vulcano Crystal, Nuvolato Azzuro, London Grey Variations and the Copa Gabana Granite make the range of grey granites stand out among other colours.

Benefits of using Granite at Home and Office

  1. Granite stone’s flexibility of application is noteworthy. It can be elegantly installed in the home as flooring, kitchen countertop, wall panel, backdrop, staircase, accent piece, or even as a dining table.
  2. In the office, a show-stopper reception counter made out of granite can add to the luxury and opulence of the office premises, creating a truly lasting impression.
  3. Granite price is usually not as expensive as other stones. Considering its elegance, beauty, and durability, granite marble price is easier on the pocket compared to its contemporaries.
  4. Granite stones are highly durable, making them a perfect choice for the kitchen and living area.
  5. It requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean.
  6. It is incredibly strong and mostly scratch-resistant.
  7. It is a non-porous stone, which indicates that granite is water-resistant in nature.
  8. It comes in a wide range of colours, offering multiple uses and designs for architects and interior designers to experiment with.

Shop from a Wide Range of Granite Designs at R K Marble

Buy Granite online from after thoroughly browsing through the vast collection of exquisite granites. To buy granite from R K Marble, book a personal tour with our Stone Experts. Experts here will help you choose the right granite to align with your sense of style and the aesthetic of your interiors. Bring home a precious piece of stone with first-class quality, distinctive design and colours guaranteed.


1. What is Granite?

Granite is by far the most widely known plutonic rock of the Earth’s crust; it is a rough or decently granular igneous rock with plentiful quartz and feldspar created by the profound cooling of magma (silicate melt).

2. What type of rock is Granite and how is it formed?

Granite is an igneous rock which is primarily comprised of quartz, feldspar, and mica. It’s extremely hard and durable. Granite is formed as the magma cools and solidifies underground. It is abundant in quartz and feldspar.

3. What is Granite used for?

Granite is preferably used as flooring, kitchen countertops, reception counters, dining tables, wall panels, backdrops, bathroom vanities, and staircases in homes and offices. Granite is an exotic material that comes in a variety of colours and it is being used for highlights as well as focus walls too.

4. What is the difference between Marble and Granite?

Granite is stronger and harder as compared to marble. Granite also requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean, unlike marble. Even in terms of durability, granite seems to be winning against marble.

5. Which granite is good for home?

Owing to its elegance, smooth finish, endurance and natural beauty, some Black Granite varieties like Bellatrix and Belverde are widely used in homes. It is used as a kitchen countertop and also as a top of work desks.

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