Granite is known for its hardness, but its vibrant beauty is noteworthy. Especially if you’re looking for show-stopping granite for your home that go beyond the standard black, brown and grey speckled stone, you must explore our Exotic Granite Collection.

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Where to use granite?

Granite can be used in almost every part of your home. Right from sturdy granite flooring to vibrant highlight walls, from stunning façades to gleaming interior cladding, the versatile granite can transform any and every part of your humble abode.

Granite Flooring

Granite flooring can be especially useful in high traffic areas. You may use them in inlays or combine with another stone flooring to elevate your granite flooring.


Vivid patterns on the exotic granites lend a dynamic, yet elegant character to your home interiors. Some exotic granites can be used on the focus wall to draw awe and envy from guests.

Exterior façade

Set the first impression of your house in stone – dazzle your guests with a rich piece of granite displayed on the exterior walls of your home.

Granite countertops and dining table tops

Often the neglected spot, a granite kitchen countertop and a dining table top can become the highlights of your home.  A spot which brings the family together over warm food and conversations, the countertops, kitchen islands and table-tops could use a little spotlight.

Granite in Showers and powder-rooms

Take self-love to the next level with a view you’d never tire of. Add a feature granite wall in your powder room or bathroom to engage the senses and indulge in tasteful ambience.

Granite accent pieces

Sustainable accent pieces are gaining popularity and natural stone like granite presents interesting opportunities for adorning the home in unconventional ways.  Unleash your creative soul and give shape to the humble stone slab, making it an immortal artifact – an object of constant awe and wonder in your home.

How to choose the right granite for your home?

Unlike the subtly sophisticated marble, the flamboyant patterns of granite stand out. So the choice of stone rests majorly on the theme of your home design. However, since granite is enduringly beautiful, you can experiment with different lighting and create different moods in the same space.  Other factors for choosing the right granite are:


Granite is available in 10mm and 20mm thickness, depending on where you want to use it.


Besides pre-polished granite, many interesting stone veneers and polishes are available nowadays. Right from the simple, ergonomic anti-slip matte polish to luxuriant leather and striking rock-face, the choices are endless.


Find the best quality granite at R K Marble. For more information on how we determine the quality of the stone, please connect with our Stone Experts at +91-9119118118.

Granite Price

Granite price ranges vary widely owing to their demand and place of origin. Mineral-rich, vibrant Brazilian granites may cost higher than Indian granites which are mined locally. Exotic Brazilian Granite price starts from around Rs. 600.

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Explore exotic Brazilian granite for highlighting focus walls, on center-table tops and dining table tops, kitchen countertops and more. Book a personal tour with our Stone Experts.