Marble countertops are the iconic elements of an ornate residence. If you desire your kitchen space design to exude tastefulness, artistry, and elegance at the same time, choose the finest quality marble stone for this busy yet indispensable corner of your household.

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Kitchen countertops are no longer just the factotum or majordomo of a properly functioning kitchen space; they are also regarded as the showcase of the homeowner’s taste in style and the interior designer’s spectacular work of art. This is why, selecting the appropriate type of kitchen worktop to grace your residence is pivotal! With a myriad of marble kitchen countertops available on the market, selecting the right marble countertops for your cherished interior and styling them appropriately to complement the aesthetic appeal of your residence can be confusing enough. If you’re unsure about which kitchen marble slab or stone to use for your countertop, you’ve come to the right place. R K Marble brings to you nothing but the best quality marble countertops in a variety of colours and patterns.

Get Best Marble Countertop at R K Marble

White marble countertops

White marble countertops are the most coveted by renowned architects and interior designers as well as by aesthete homeowners with a fine taste in contemporary design elements that also give off a classic vintage vibe. White marble kitchen countertops add sheer elegance, class, and an oomph of luxury to the busy space. Adding white kitchen marble for countertops opens doors for innumerable interior design experiments and unique elements you can play with. From tan-brown kitchen cabinets to contemporary red modular kitchen cabinets, every colour and aesthetic element goes very well with white marble countertops.

Coloured marble countertops

If you prefer the world’s glitz and glamour or you choose to cast a spell of drama in your opulent residence, black marble countertops will be your best pick. Only a select few with a knack for high-end fashion elements go for black marble kitchen countertops. Such stones will not only give your kitchen a distinctive appearance but also leave your guests feeling awe-inspired by its majesty.

Depending on the colour palette and design theme of your home, you can choose from a wide spectrum of marble countertops: chic greys, royal reds, breathtaking browns and blissful blue marble countertops.

What’s even better is that you can touch, feel and buy these stone slabs today! All you need to do is visit the RK Marble store near you or scroll through the R K Marble website from the comfort of your home.

R K Marble – Marble Countertop Supplier in India

R K Marble Kishangarh started as a simple warehouse for pure white Indian marble, founded in 1989 that served as the foundation for the wonderful journey of R K Marble Group. Over a few years, the firm’s aspirations expanded its operations by broadening its geographical boundaries within the state in the form of villages such as Dhariyawad, Dharmeta, Banswara, and Morwad in Rajasthan as well as Majoli in Madhya Pradesh. R K Marble has established itself as one of the best marble countertop suppliers in India over the years. If you desire to purchase a marble countertop for your luxurious residence, R K Marble is the place for you. The staff at any R K Marble store will provide you with the most memorable marble buying experience with a wide range of high-quality marble countertop options as well as dependable after-sales service.

Marble Countertop benefits

  • Unparalleled elegance

    Marble countertops are the evergreen epitome of elegance. The natural beauty shines and stands out – even in the busy clutter of the kitchen.

  • Non-reactive

    Marble is inert to many common household substances. If you’re leaving fruits or vegetables out on the countertop, you want them to be on a safe, inert surface that doesn’t create its own chemicals reacting to minerals in water or spilled liquids, right?

  • Hypoallergenic

    A well-sealed and well-maintained marble surface prevents the growth of bacteria, allergens and mildew. Caresse the soft, gorgeous stone without worrying about the health and safety of your family.

  • Heat and water resistant

    Well-sealed marble countertop is heat-resistant and non-porous.

Marble Countertop alternative

Natural quartz marble countertops (also known as quartzite countertops) are an extremely durable, incredibly beautiful alternative to marble, often chosen by skilful interior designers. Quartz countertops are harder in comparison to normal marble countertops and are easier to clean and maintain. You can, however, never compare the two when it comes to beauty and the alluring charm of each.

Shop from a wide range of Marble Countertop at R K Marble

At R K Marble, you get to pick your favourite kitchen countertop from a plethora of marble countertop options offered to you, which include marvellous stones such as Michael Angelo Variation 3, Summer Light Silver, Dark Emperador, Ash Grey, Equilibrium, Luxuria, Noir St. Laurent, Oriental Brown, Roman Versailles, Spectrolite, and White Equator. If you are seeking a quartz marble countertop, you can pick the Calacata Quartz marble exclusively available at R K Marble.

1. Which countertop is the most durable?

Natural Quartz countertops are the most durable countertop option for elegant residences, closely followed by marble countertops.

2. What are the trending Marble Countertops available at R K Marble?

Some of the trending marble countertops available at R K Marble include Michael Angelo Variations, Summer Light Silver, Dark Emperador, Ash Grey, Equilibrium, Luxuria, Noir St. Laurent, Oriental Brown, Roman Versailles, Spectrolite, Super White and White Equator.

3. Why is marble popular for countertops?

Marble is quite popular for applications such as kitchen countertops thanks to its impeccable durability, heat resistance, and the ability to remain cool naturally.

4. Where to buy Marble Countertops from?

If you are looking for incredibly beautiful kitchen countertops that ooze sheer elegance and chicness with their timeless beauty, as well as offer durability and heat resistance at an affordable price, R K Marble is the place for you! You can choose to visit the RK Marble store near you or scroll through the R K Marble website to explore the wide range of kitchen countertop options from the comfort of your home.

5. Are marble countertops heat resistant?

Yes, marble countertops are heat-resistant.

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