Quartzite countertops add an exquisite beauty to your abode. The durability of this stone gives it the edge over other countertops and makes it a favourite of many.

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Quartzite is an exquisite metamorphic rock that originated from sandstone. This stone is created through high temperatures and pressure from beneath the earth’s crust. Quartzite is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops due to its exquisite beauty and properties such as high durability, water, heat, and scratch resistance, toughness, and low maintenance requirements. R K Marble provides superior quality quartzite for countertops at an affordable price.

Quartzite Countertops – Get Best Quartzite Countertops at R K Marble

Adding a quartzite kitchen slab to the countertop of your residence will make your home appear elegant and luxurious, while making your life easier and better. Various types of countertops, such as granite or marble countertops, and even quartz countertops, are available on the market, but nothing can beat the exclusivity of quartzite countertops. R K Marble Group, as a company, pulls out all the stops to provide its cherished customers with premium quality quartzite countertops to adorn their homes with sheer elegance and a touch of luxury. Even though this stone requires minimal maintenance, you can always rely on the R K Marble staff for a reliable and informative experience.

R K Marble – Quartzite Countertops Supplier in India

R K Marble Kishangarh is a simple warehouse established in 1989 that serves its clientele with A-class quality products along with dependable after-sales service. R K Marble is one of the most renowned quartzite countertop suppliers in India. A stone that defines luxury and enhances the elegance of any space just with its exquisitely beautiful appearance is set to be the masterpiece of the residence, which will be talked about for years to come.

Quartzite Countertops uses and application

Quartzite stones are significantly similar to marble in terms of appearance. However, they are particularly different from marble countertops considering their properties such as durability, heat and scratch resistance, resistance to UV rays, versatility, and minimum 01 Quartzite countertops are known to glam up your kitchen space with elegance and ease. The strength of this natural stone is incomparable.

Quartzite is way harder and denser when compared to marble stone. You can experiment with this stone by implementing the designer’s artistic ability to make the space look either dramatic or just finely elegant. The choice is yours! You can backlight the quartzite stone, adding a glamorous element to the kitchen space, or choose to pair the quartzite countertop with contrasting or complementing kitchen cabinets and accent pieces. Incorporation of such design ideas will make this luxurious space become the talk of the town for several years and will leave lasting impressions on anyone entering your kitchen space.

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Whether added as a kitchen countertop, wall panel, bathroom flooring and vanity, living room floor, bedroom wall or flooring, quartzite stone will surely only enhance the elegance of the space. The addition of this stone highlights the charm and opulence of the space and leaves the guests you host feeling mesmerised. R K Marble brings to you exquisitely beautiful quartzite stones— such as Asteroid, the Quartzite Ice Flake, Champagne Crystal, Pink Quartzite, and Emerald Quartzite—exclusively brought to you to add sheer elegance to your residential space. Out of a plethora of quartzite stones available, R K Marble


1) What are the pros and cons of quartzite?

The pros of quartzite would include its high durability, appearance similar to that of marble, heat resistance, resistance to UV rays, scratch resistance, versatility, and minimal maintenance required. Quartzite is an aesthetically pleasing stone with natural strength and is harder and denser when compared to marble. The cons of the quartzite would include the limited colour choices; non-uniformity, unlike quartz; cost; frequent sealing requirements; and its quality of being prone to stains.

2) Is quartzite countertop good for kitchen?

Considering its durability, appearance, and other properties, quartzite is a good material for kitchen countertops. If you are a fan of marble but find it expensive, opt for a quartzite countertop for similar aesthetics but at a more cost-efficient price.

3) Is quartzite cheaper than granite?

Quartzite (backlit and non-backlit) costs between Rs.1100-7700 per square foot.

4) What is the difference between marble, granite, quartz and quartzite?

Quartz, quartzite, and granite all require low maintenance and are heat resistant and more affordable in comparison to marble. When compared to marble, the latter are easier to clean and require less effort to maintain while still improving the aesthetics of the space.

5) What are the advantages of using quartzite countertops?

Quartzite countertops are great as they are strong and look similar to the elegant marble stone. The high durability and the low maintenance make it an ideal stone to have as a kitchen countertop. The other benefit is the affordability factor of quartzite countertops which definitely cannot be overlooked.

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