The illuminating aura set by the Statuario Marble is remarkable. It enhances the aesthetics of the luxurious interiors with its sheer elegance and lustre.

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Statuario Italian Marble is hailed as the finest luxury masterpiece in the world. The Statuario marble mountain quarries in Italy are located above the Carrara region and have limited availability and great demand. This stone becomes even more difficult to obtain owing to its scarcity. Its distinct aesthetic appearance illuminates the beauty and aura of any interior design project. It is believed that only a few stones can stand toe to toe with their clear lustre and exceptionally compact design. R K Marble is committed to providing its valued customers with superior-quality slabs of StatuarioItalian marble.

Statuario Marble – Get the Best Statuario Marble at R K Marble

Consider R K Marble as a one-stop destination for all your Italian marble requirements. Being a trustworthy source of marble supply to several renowned architects and interior designers, R K Marble strives to provide its treasured clientele with top-tier quality Statuario Marble alongside a reliable after-sales service. R K Marble, as a company, believes that adding sheer elegance and a touch of opulence to any space needs just one masterpiece of nature – marble. Adding to its glory, R K Marble brings to you a collection of Statuario marble with varied designs and colour options to pick from.

R K Marble – Statuario Marble Supplier in India

Statuario marble is an ethereal stone with a snowy white base and intricate grey veins smeared throughout the space. It is a coveted treasure for architects and interior designers who often create masterworks of architectural design. Considering its high demand and exclusivity, it is rare to find this Italian marble, but R K Marble makes it available to you, and that too, with added variety and amusing service. The Statuario Marble price may vary depending upon its appearance. The Statuario marble price in India varies on the basis of the appearance of the grey veins; that is, the lighter the grey veins are, the more expensive the stone gets.

Statuario Marble uses and application

Statuario marble is an excellent stone for enhancing the elegance of the interiors. This Italian marble looks perfectly captivating in elegant living spaces, whether used as marble flooring or backdrops or even wall panels in the living room.
A Statuario vanity exemplifies a soothing, delightful ambience, and the Statuario’s subtle hues add brightness to almost any area. A Statuario marble flooring makes the premises look effortlessly spacious and elegant. White Statuario marble is most often the first preference of interior designers and home decorators who want to create spaces that epitomise minimalism and elegance. Statuario marble is a fantastic pick for lavish home accents like kitchen countertops and bathroom flooring.

Shop from a wide range of Statuario Marble Designs at R K Marble

R K Marble brings you authentic, superior-quality Statuario Marble straight from the quarries of Italy. Browse through different variations of the Statuario, exclusively available at R K Marble. Here are a few variations of the Statuario available at R K Marble:

  1. Statuario Variation 1
    This Statuario marble variant is an outright statement piece that catches the eye magnetically and mystically broadens spaces. A pure white base with a nexus of fine strokes and designs illustrates feelings of tranquillity, solace, and relaxation. Marble is an ideal choice among architects and interior designers for creating aesthetically opulent spaces. Adding Statuario marble to the bathroom flooring and vanity can make it look spacious and elegant. This epitome of elegance injects spaciousness, vibrance, and positivity into the space.
  2. Statuario Variation 2
    This upscale, popular Statuario marble variant has a majestic, immaculate, pure white background with beautifully smooth, astounding crispness and grey veins that significantly amplifies the aesthetic appeal of the interiors. This white Statuario flawlessly brightens your space, and with its sheer elegance, you can always expect an elevation in the chic, luxurious appearance of the premises.
  3. Rosso Statuario
    The highest degree variation of the Statuario Marble range, Rosso Statuario Marble, is renowned for its exceptional elegance and majestic charm. A fusion of rose gold texture, patterns, and veins converging on a cream-coloured base creates a breathtaking yet beautifully crafted appeal. This variant looks exceptionally beautiful if added as a backdrop or wall panel in the living room, setting lasting impressions on anyone that lays eyes on the wall of the space.


1. What is Statuario Marble?

Statuario Marble is an Italian marble quarried from the Carrara region in Italy. It is considered the whitest possible natural stone due to its high calcium content with thin grey or gold veining smeared across the slab. This Italian marble is said to add ethereal charm and sheer elegance to any space it is installed in.

2. What is the difference between Calacatta and Statuario marble?

Both Statuario and Calacatta Marble are quarried from the same region of Carrara. They have the same density and almost similar maintenance requirements, but the difference lies in the tone of their appearance. Remarkably, the Statuario marble has tones of grey mist with distinctive, thin grey or gold veining. On the other hand, the Calacatta Marble has relatively golden undertones with much broader and patchy veining as compared to the latter.

3. Is Statuario Marble good?

Owing to its exclusivity and sheer elegance, Statuario marble makes an excellent choice to add opulence to your home and office spaces. With minimal effort and flawless beauty, this marble makes your premises look utterly spacious and lavish.

4. Is Statuario Marble expensive?

Yes! Its limited availability makes it even more exclusive and in high demand. This rare find is, hence, an expensive stone to buy. Also, the prices may vary depending on the appearance of the veins, which means that the lighter the grey veins are, the more expensive the marble. Its elegance and beauty make it all worth it at the end of the day.

5. What are the trending Statuario marble varieties available at R K Marble?

The Statuario Marble Variations, along with the Rosso Statuario Marble, are evergreen choices available at R K Marble.

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