Creative Marble Floor Designs That Will Leave You Stunned
Published on October 19, 2022.

Introducing a dreamy timeless beauty in the most elegant residences disguised as none other than the Marble stone is an art only a select few skilful interior designers with an eye for creative, contemporary interior design elements can pull off! While picking a marble design for wall requires minimal effort, picking the best marble for home after exploring a myriad of the latest marble flooring design options may require something more than just minimal effort. You require creative thinking, a keen interest in trending marble floor design for home, the ability to implement your creativity and a reliable source to purchase the best quality marble stones for the space.

If you are an aesthete homeowner looking for a contemporary floor marble design for house or an interior designer seeking inspiration from some of the finest masterpieces ever created in the design industry, search no more! With RK Marble on your side, you can keep your worries about finding the best quality marble for the ultimate design masterpiece in your home at bay! We’ve got you covered with some inspiration-worthy creative marble floor designs that will leave you stunned! Read more to find out

1. A Magnolious Home Office

Inspired by the finest luxuries of the world and a glamorous charm, this home office space serves as the epitome of elegance and luxury. Oozing sophistication and charisma in every corner, this marble floor design is destined to impress your colleagues and clients with its majestic appeal. To create a similar space, you can pair the red Terracotta marble with the Belgium Black marble, exclusively available at RK Marble.

2. A Lavish Living Room

Glamour and drama-inspired interior décor is something we all secretly crave! After all, who doesn’t love a hint of glitz and glam here and there in different corners of their luxurious residence? Cast a spell of fascination, glamour and allure with the perfect amalgamation of Black and Gold Daytona Marble, Statuario Variation 1, White Michaelangelo and Bottinica Gold Onyx Marble by RK Marble. While the black spread in the living room creates a sense of drama and glamour, the gold and white borders evoke a sense of elegance in the space.

3. A Royal Kitchen Marble Design

A white marble floor design installed in any space of a luxurious residence oozes elegance and finesse. The charm of white marble remains incomparable to even the finest natural stones in the world. Inspired by a vintage kitchen marble design, you can create a similar aesthetic with the Michael Angelo Variation 1 as the base and Noir St. Laurent marble for the mini squares at the corners of each tile. Both of these stones are available at RK Marble.

4. A Breathtaking Bedroom

A bedroom is a space of comfort and calmness; a space you want to relax in; a space that is elegant and offers a unique ambience to the space. While adding a stone that evokes a feeling of comfort remains essential, the aesthetic appeal of the space cannot be overlooked. If you are seeking a French, sleek, and contemporary interior design for this space, you can always select the French Chiffon Marble by RK Marble to do the job. This marvellous gift of nature can effortlessly transform your ordinary bedroom space into an extraordinary work of art.

5. A Beautiful Bathroom

Just like any other space in the residence, the white marble design in the rejuvenating bathroom space can never turn out to be the wrong choice. Not only does this space appear more spacious with a white marble installation, but it oozes a sense of elegance, sophistication, and comfort in the space. Creating a cooling vibe, relaxing atmosphere and comforting serenity is all a Statuario Variation 1 Marble can do in this refreshing space.

Get these truly inspirational, creative marble designs for your home by visiting the RK Marble store near you. You can also choose to scroll through the RK Marble website to explore the widest range of timeless marble stone. Wait no more! Buy now!