Design Tips on How You Can Use Marble In Your Kitchen
Published on August 25, 2022.

The marble stone is the most coveted stone of nature by architects, interior designers, and homeowners for hundreds of years. It is a legacy of the timeless stone; the elegance blessed by nature; a glimpse of luxury; and a paradise created with the truest beauty. Its durability and the ability to subtly bring out the alluring aesthetics of your opulent homes are unparalleled.

Installed in any space, marble design can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary, capacious, and gleaming spot with ease. Kitchen marble designs are the most prominently preferred pieces of luxurious interior design for creating a tasteful, sophisticated, and heavenly home décor. Known for its durability and aesthetically pleasing appearance, marble is most admired for its exquisite kitchen countertops. However, installing marble kitchen countertops is not the only way you can add marble to your kitchen space; you can make use of marble for kitchen in numerous artistic ways to adorn your busy space with sheer elegance. Read more to discover a few unique design tips on how you can use marble in your kitchen space.

Marble for living room designs

1. A Distinctive CountertopIt is nearly impossible to compete with the sheer elegance of an intensely veined marble countertop. Owing to its durability and heat resistance, marble countertops are often the first choice of homeowners and interior designers to create an aesthetic kitchen space that boasts elegance and eternal beauty. You can, however, design a simple marble countertop in several ways—

  • Waterfall countertop: Even though waterfall countertops were once considered a modern element, we are now finding them in much more traditional settings too. A marble waterfall counter is a concept in which the marble cascades down the sides of the kitchen cabinetry. Most often, this is accomplished with a simple, mitered edge detail on the stone, ensuring that almost all corners and surface irregularities are slick and squared off.
  • Marble Brackets: Marble brackets that connect to the edge of the countertops to form a sidewall are indeed a convenient bonus that can help to keep a busy workplace clean.

2. Eye-catching backsplash and wall panelA marble kitchen backsplash is the cream of the crop of a well-designed luxurious residence. You can create an artwork of your own by pairing the mesmerising marble backsplash with elegant cabinets. You can install a whole wallpaper kind of masterpiece by adding marble stone as a wall panel.

3. A creative kitchen sinkAlthough items like vinegar, wine, lemon, tomatoes, etc. can easily cause etching into the marble sink, it remains subtle in reminding us of an era foregone. Timeless marble sinks are adorned in the spaces of homeowners with a classic taste and someone who would embrace the inevitable etching as a charming element. The marble sink appears to be a room from an English manor mentioned in the classic novel; an out-of-the-book nook of the elegant home.

4. An awe-inspiring marble range hoodRecently, everybody here is getting rid of their wall cabinets in favour of an even more inviting, less formal appearance. Given that the range hood is made of the same slab marble as the backsplash, the hood almost disappears.

The said design is best suited for intermediate and contemporary kitchens. When blended well with a lot of toasty metal touches and wood shades to offset the coolness of marble stone, it looks gorgeous. Examples include cabinetry that is stained with timber.

5. The classic marble floorWhile kitchen countertops are still in vogue, adding marble flooring into the kitchen space can be a flawless wow-factor masterpiece you could select for your busy space. This functional area can be adorned with a highly durable, elegant, and timeless natural stone that can showcase how wonderful a busy space can look if designed and cared for correctly.

What are you waiting for? Explore a plethora of high-quality marble for the kitchen at R K Marble and treat your luxurious home to this timeless beauty. Get ready to turn heads with a marble-oriented kitchen space that is both rewarding in use and alluring in appearance.