Design Your Home Using The Pristine White Marble
Published on July 27, 2022.

White marble in a luxe modern design adds radiance, purity, and sheer elegance to the space. White compliments everything and acts as a blank slate, allowing you to add accent pieces of almost any colour or aesthetic with ease.

The white marble stone is most closely linked with purity, beauty, and serenity. It is available in a wide variety of tones, styles, and qualities. Pure white marble flooring is a timeless piece of art for your residence, known for its positive vibes and colossal class. Architects and interior designers choose white marble floor design as an element to add space and luxury to the interiors of your premises.

Ever since its existence, white marble has been recognized as a sign of purity, finesse, and a luxurious lifestyle. The pure, serene, and precious white marble varies from ethereal to spectacular, providing a plethora of lavish options for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, the faint, graceful strokes on the flawless white marble make the interiors look rich, classy, and sophisticated.

R K Marble offers you a wide range of extraordinary white marble stones with hues and patterns that add a touch of elegance to the blank white canvas.

Here is a simplified guide on designing your home using white marble, flaunting sheer elegance and luxury:

Minimalist interiors with white marble

The Monte Bianco marble, titled after one of the tallest peaks in the Alps, is a portrayal of nature’s gift of art in itself. It is prominently known for converting both residential and business spaces, as it illustrates crisp, grey channels flowing through snow-capped mountains. Add black and white furniture to raise the bar for minimal interior decoration while increasing the luxury quotient of your space.

Subtle but bold decor

This luxurious and sophisticated Statuario marble variant is a phenomenal white Italian marble with a perfectly pure white base, having a perfectly smooth and striking texture and grey streaks. It greatly enhances the interiors as well as decorative elements. Add cream, grey, and brown furniture to escalate the beauty of your incredibly beautiful space. Add hints of turquoise with accent elements such as turquoise pillows or throws and vases. A touch of colour will only brighten this opulent area of your residence.

The Royal Bath

A peaceful bath is all you need after a long day at work. Volakas house marble design evokes visuals of a sky with pure white vanilla-like clouds with bright sunlight gently beaming through them. It sets the scene for a warm space to spend peaceful time away from chaos, creating a subtle urban ambience in your home. Adding dark brown elements and gold-plated taps and shower faucets will amp up the luxury aspect of this relaxing space. Add fragrant candles to make this cosy space even more rejuvenating.

Subtle Space of Luxury

A white home marble design, peppered by slender saffron strokes, carving dramatically through the ashy illusion. Amplify your residence with Bianco Oro Marble, a magnificent work of natural art that exudes a subtle sense of lavishness. Add a glimpse of simplicity with subtle colours of elements such as grey, white, brown, and silver. You can choose the bold option by adding a black or bright coloured sofa set, such as yellow or pink. This particular marble stone by R K Marble makes your home look spacious, minimal yet opulent.

Try these picks or choose from the 50 shades of white marble available at R K Marble. Escalate the beauty and simplicity in your premises and design the home of your dreams with R K Marble.