Design Your Interiors with Colored Marbles
Published on October 17, 2018.

Who doesn’t love a bit of colour sparkling their interiors? The beauty of colours lies in the fact that they add to the tonality of a room. The way you choose to use different colours can serve as a weapon to project your ideas and thoughts sans words. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words!

The way different colours are incorporated in your interiors is not limited to wall designs or paintings. Don’t let the colours be lost in space. Make the most of your interiors with colored marbles like Breche Bluette, Alaska Grey, Belgium Black, Grey William, Statuario, and Michael Angelo applied in innovative, artistic patterns that speak the language of style, unique to you.

Available Colours:

The sheer range of startling colours in which marble comes will astound you. Nature has endlessly creative elements to adorn your homes with. Yellow colour marble, pink colour marble, blue colour marble, red colour marble, brown colour marble, green colour marble, grey colour marble, and black colour marble – the heart-stealing shades and hues will definitely make you crave for marble décor in your spaces. The unique artwork expressed in every slab of marble, when used in interiors, bestows the beauty woven by nature to your spaces and makes them singularly awesome.

Luxury Interior Design:

Colored marble are avidly used in luxury interior design for the touch of sophistication that comes with elegance. They bring an authenticity to spaces that can’t be achieved with imitative vitrified tiles. Each and every slab of marble is a masterpiece on its own and uplifts the space. Marble depict the refined taste of life that people who possess a discerning palate appreciate and apply in abundance. The glossy finishes speak gala tales of high-end living and affluence.

Applications & Benefits of using Colored Marble

Unique Furniture- Celebrate the new!

Imagine a large travertine dining table, beautifully carved to perfection and paired with teak chairs with hand rests decorated in travertine. The mouth-watering picture makes us crave one such beauty for ourselves, doesn’t it? Colored marble dining tables and office desks are not unheard of. They present the opportunity to let the creativity rule the insides of a space. The galore of exquisitely shiny and easier to clean and maintain furniture is hard to miss and impossible to resist. Many other variants of furniture like coffee table, ottomans etc. can be customised to suit your styles using marble.

Baths, Showers, and Spas- Making Peace!

The one place where we like to uphold the sanctity of our lives and forget the worries of the outside world are baths and showers.

Shower cubicles made out of a combination of marble and transparent high quality glass makes your bathroom a lavish place that exits to provide peace to your soul and a perfect escape to your mind.

Spas that promise rejuvenation can start to deliver it from the moment they are entered in because of the calming ambience that marble interior helps build.

Accent walls- Contemporary designing done right.

Beautiful accent walls in contemporary designs backed by geometric patterns and mosaics lends you with the pride of the house area. The rich aesthetic makes it the favourite corner for every home picture and something that you stop to admire every time that you pass by it.

Photorealistic Spaces- The wow factor!

Colored marble generate photorealistic spaces right out of that décor magazine you swear by. The elegance and class that homes with colored marble floorings and accents depict makes the homes picturesque.

Floorings- Be swept off your feet!

Colored marble brought to you by the house of R K Marble are especially imported from around the world, handpicked to suit your flair. The vast availability of colored marble flooring designs and the thrilling combinations of designs and colours make it easy to weave a theme of décor in your homes and offices with colored marble as the centre of attraction.  Be it beautiful medallion designs as centerpieces on the stage of life that your home is, or elegant walkaways in the gallery, colored marble exists to amaze.


The benefits of using colored marble for flooring and other interior designing applications are many. The ambience communicates calmness yet a quality of cheerfulness that makes it homely. In combination with warm earthy and neutral tones, colored marble makes spaces refined and extremely welcoming. Statement designs that can be created out of colour marble enable you to grab the glamour for yourself. Add to all this the fact that marble, because of its individuality of designs, stays fashionable forever and we have an obvious winner when it comes to flooring and designing applications.

For a balanced ambience and aesthetics that appeal for centuries, colored marble floorings and all their other applications are indeed a worthy choice.