Designing With Marble: Six Design Tips to Highlight Your Marble Countertops
Published on August 23, 2022.

Marble countertops are the megastars of a luxurious home. Marble is a highly sought after natural stone by renowned architects and interior designers. It is the most widely used natural stone, not only in kitchens but also in living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms; it can effortlessly enhance the elegance of any space it is installed in. If you want your kitchen space to boast tastefulness, sophistication, and luxury altogether, your apt choice would be to select the best quality marble stone for this busy yet most significant nook of your residence. While nothing can beat the elegance of this profoundly veined, timeless beauty, the best marble for home comes with both pros and cons that must be considered before purchase.


  • Since it is a natural stone, it is abundantly available and you can choose from many colours, distinctive veins and patterns.
  • This timeless beauty is both durable and heat-resistant, which makes it the best stone for the kitchen area.
  • Easy to install.
  • There’s something for everyone: The premium imported marble stone costs start from Rs. 350 per square foot and can cost as much as Rs. 5700 per square foot.



May crack, chip, scratch, and stain on the surface in areas with high traffic or rough usage.

  • It is a high-maintenance stone and requires the utmost attention and care.

In case the cons make you think twice about your buy, let us tell you that the stone’s durability and elegance are still worth it all. You can amp up the elegance and beauty of your residence by using these six design tips to highlight your marble kitchen countertops.


Marble Countertops Design Tips:

  • Focus on lighting within your kitchen space: You can install backlighting on the kitchen cabinets in your kitchen to make the space appear extravagantly luxurious. Backlighting the cabinets will make the cabinets, as well as the marble countertop, come to the fore.
  • Get artistic with marble edges: You can choose from a variety of edge designs like square, eased, bevel, bullnose, demi-bullnose, DuPont, vintage ogee, etc. This will make your kitchen countertop stand out.
  • Contrasting Kitchen Cabinets: You can effortlessly make your countertop the highlight in your kitchen by adding cabinets that go well with the countertop colour. You can add coloured wooden cabinets with white marble countertops or pair your black marble countertops with brown wooden cabinets, giving the space a chic and elegant appearance.
  • Install a Marble Backsplash: A marble countertop paired with a marble backsplash can flawlessly create an intricate yet awe-inspiring focal point in the kitchen space.
  • Bring in the Marble Flooring: You can add to the subtle, minimal yet aesthetically pleasing appearance of your kitchen by installing marble flooring that goes well with the countertop. Marble flooring is an apt way to amp up the luxury and elegance of your opulent residence.
  • Explore designs and dimensions: Pick out a marble countertop design that is spacious enough for new kitchen appliances and can be paired with the kitchen sink and the appearance of your stove in case you are planning to renovate your space. You can also add different marble statement pieces in the kitchen space, such as a waterfall countertop, marble sink, cabinet covers, etc.

For your kitchen countertops, you can also choose substitute natural stones such as granite and quartzite. In comparison to marble, these stones are highly durable, available in a wide range of colour options, and require less maintenance.

You can buy marble online from the R K Marble website or visit the store to experience a great buyer’s experience with reliable service. You can explore the plethora of countertop options whether you pick marble, granite, or quartzite for your kitchen space’s aesthetics and functionality.