Granite or Marble: Which Kitchen Countertop Should You Pick?
Published on October 19, 2022.

Kitchen countertops are typically the busiest spaces in a normal household. Whether you want to grab a quick smoothie before work or enjoy a good time baking holiday cookies with your kids, kitchen countertops make the best partners for such moments. These corners experience the most wear and tear and hold heavy kitchen appliances, yet they come to great use for years and contribute to the elegance of your aesthetic home interiors effortlessly. This makes it even more essential to keep the space clean, well-maintained, and treasured for several years. Kitchen countertops are no longer just the factotum of a properly functioning kitchen area; they have made their way to the most magnificent corners of a luxurious residence. This is why selecting the right type of kitchen slab to festoon your home is essential!

Being an aesthete homeowner with an eye for high-end contemporary design elements will only draw you one step closer towards purchasing either of the two most precious natural stones in the world – marble or granite. While marble is known for its timeless beauty, granite can effortlessly add va-va-voom to your kitchen area. With a plethora of variations of both kitchen granite and marble kitchen countertops available on the market, you are bound to become perplexed. We will give you every piece of information you might require to know about different types of countertops so that you can finally pick the stone that is best suitable for your style and your home interior aesthetic.

Marble for kitchen

Known for its timeless beauty and impeccable durability, marble has been used in the making of some of the most phenomenal monuments and luxurious residences around the globe for centuries now. Introducing a kitchen marble design through marble countertops paired with complementing kitchen cabinets will bring in the luxury and add a sense of sheer elegance, tastefulness, and sophistication to the space. This metamorphic rock is known to offer finesse and allure like no other! Let’s talk about a few things you can expect from a marble countertop.

  1. Marble offers both durability and heat resistance, but you can expect chips, fissures, stains, as well as scratches on the surface as they are common on marble countertops.
  2. Since marble is a high-maintenance material, you must adhere to the care, cleaning, and sealing instructions provided by the marble company. Marble, like some other porous stone countertops, requires regular sealing to maintain its look and feel over time.
  3. The iconic charm of deeply veined marble countertops is impossible to replace! Marble varies greatly in grain size as well as veining, giving every piece a distinctive design.
  4. Only those individuals with considerable experience should attempt DIY marble installation.
  5. The price of premium imported marble stone starts from 350/-per square foot.

Granite for Kitchen

When compared side by side, white granite countertops can give a tough fight to white marble countertops, especially considering that both candidates exude elegance and charm at every inch. Granite stone for kitchen serves to be one of the best choices you can make. With a myriad of colour variants, granite can offer you a variety of distinctive interior design choices. Whether you want your space to appear subtle and elegant or showcase the glitz and glamour of your residence, granite for the kitchen can do wonders for the space. Let’s talk about a few things you can expect from a granite countertop.

  1. Granite stone has exceptional strength and durability, as well as scratch and heat resistance, making it the perfect material for kitchen countertops. What makes it even better for the kitchen space is that, after being sealed, it also becomes stain-resistant.
  2. It demands minimal maintenance when completely sealed. To keep the space clean, all you will need is a granite-friendly cleaner. However, you might need to regularly replace your seal.
  3. Since granite is a natural stone, each piece seems to have a distinct pattern, giving each stone an unrivalled aesthetic. The granite stone comes in a variety of colours and can be polished or honed, which makes it even better for homeowners with fine taste in art.
  4. The installation of this masterpiece of nature must be left to the experts. A DIY experiment during the application process may result in significant damage to the stone.
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Before deciding on a countertop stone, consider all of the factors, including appearance, quality, quantity, and price. Once you finally pick your stone of choice, visit the RK Marble store near you and enjoy the best natural stone buying experience.