Grey Marble: All You Need to Know Before Buying Grey Marble
Published on August 24, 2022.

A beautiful abode is the dream that everyone has but very few go beyond the mainstream choices for the various aspects of their house. Tasteful, elegant, and sophisticated interior designs are often the outcome of marble stone installations in the space. There are not many transitions in terms of trends in the marble industry but you can always experiment with its applications and installations to create an artistic masterpiece that you can showcase in your luxurious premises.

Marble offers durability, long-lasting quality, elegance, and a beautifully crafted aesthetic value to your space. It can do its magic like none other, but what if you select a coloured marble stone with a distinctive appearance and flawless beauty? We are talking about a grey marble stone. But before you decide on incorporating this beauty in your space, here’s everything you must know about it.

Grey marble stones are one of the most beautiful and elegant natural stone pieces which when installed in residential spaces can flawlessly amp up the luxury quotient, blessing the aesthetics of the space with an awe-inspiringly beautiful décor. You can create eye-catching nooks in your home with chic yet subtle grey marble designs.

Grey marble can be used in several ways, such as flooring, cladding, wall panels, bathroom vanities, home bars, and sometimes even as table tops. This stone is most treasured by architects and interior designers as it can be effortlessly blended with just about any décor design, whether it is based on a traditional or contemporary approach to ornamentation and décor.

Before you purchase grey marble, let’s consider a few points you must know about the stone:

1. The grey marble designThere are a plethora of grey marble designs available on the market, all varying in quality, price, veining, appearance, thickness, and shade. You must, however, pick the best stone that can add value to the aesthetics of your residence. RK Marble offers a wide range of grey marble options with varied appearance and quality at the best possible price.

Let’s have a look at the few handpicked grey marble stones R K Marble offers to you:

(a) Grey William Marble - The Grey William marble is a poignant mélange of grey and gold flecks, peppered with white speckles.

(b) Grey William Italy - Saffron strands are casually scattered throughout the grey background on this Grey William Italian Marble, while dark shadows dart through the finely bound assemblage. This grey Italian marble, which inspires the tranquil expanse of a pebbly beach, adds a cool ambience of sophistication to the space.

(c) Alaska Grey Marble - The Alaska Grey Marble is a stylish, splotchy grey that is enticing but not overdone. The marble's natural variation and light veining perfectly embody its delicate tones.

(d) Grigio Carnico marble - The striking contrast of a dark grey marble base to icy white veins creates a sophisticated, authentic, and eye-catching aesthetic. The Grigio Carnico marble is a unique natural stone which is ideal for accentuating a room's walls or designing spectacular flooring.

2. ApplicationGrey Marble installed in any corner of your premises brings out the elegance and subtly becomes the centre of attraction by setting lasting impressions on the visitors that come. You can install grey marble as wall panels, flooring in any room, kitchen countertops, and bathroom flooring and vanity.

3. MaintenanceLike any other marble stone, grey marble requires some effort in maintenance. You can inquire about it at the time of purchase. You may even need to get it re-sealed regularly.

4. PriceThe grey marble price ranges from Rs.420 to Rs. 700/-per square depending upon the shade, veining pattern, and quality.

You can explore the plethora of grey marble options for your home from the R K Marble website, or visit the store yourself and get the chance to experience the excellent services the company has to offer to its treasured clientele.