Here’s How You Can Use Marble in Unconventional Ways in Your Home.
Published on July 29, 2022.

Marble is amongst the first things that come to your mind when thinking about luxury and elegance in your interiors. Marble stone is an excellent choice to bring about a sense of opulence and luxury in every corner of the residence. R K Marble brings you an extensive range of marble stones for a tasteful interior in your luxurious premises, offering you the option to explore every possibility for creativity and style.

One thing that makes R K Marble stand out from the rest of the marble businesses in the industry is that we provide you with stones that do justice to the beauty of your home, not just through marble flooring but by offering a variety of unconventional ways to use marble in your home. Here are a few exceptional ways to use marble to enhance your interior outlook:

Elegant TV Wall

While entertainment spaces define the vibe of your home, it becomes a must to create a space that speaks of style, elegance, and peace. The Verde Lapponia marble design for wall adds the richness of opulence if used on the TV wall in any area of your home while bringing a peaceful vibe.

Onyx Reception

Use the Blue Onyx for your reception counter or a home-bar countertop and make it a show-stopper masterpiece within your residence. Transform the space by adding a backlit Blue Onyx and watch it turn into the most talked-about corner by your guests.

Bathroom Vanity Counter

Adding the Blue St. Tropez Marble stone in your bathroom as a bathroom cabinet or a bathroom wall will enhance the beauty of the space and make it look expensive. Adding brown wooden bathroom accessories can give it a touch of the minimalist interior without compromising on the luxury aspect.

Kitchen Counter

If you are looking for tasteful marble kitchen ideas, Astrus is the best marble for kitchen. Add a glimpse of style and galaxy with a stone that magnificently displays the warm veins and fascinating flecks smeared across space. Live in the presence of a galaxy-like dreamy view with a handpicked kitchen marble design that speaks to your personality-enhancing style

Marble Dining Table

Marble dining table ideas come to a few with an eye for exclusivity and rare masterpieces. Labradorite is an eye-catching metallic blue natural stone that can morph any regular space into an elegant work of art. The stone of transformation is recognised for its ambiguous designs embellished with luminous blue embers. Add this stone to your dining area or make a marble dining table and flaunt the rarest piece of art anyone could ever have in their residence.

Heavenly stairway

The Bianco Fusion marble is the best suited marble for living room to add texture and character to the space. The striking golden veins on a buff bed, poise the interiors if used through the stairway, turning the space into an alluring and pleasant work of art.

As previously stated, incorporating marble stones into various aspects of your home, such as outdoor patio flooring, marble bath tubs, marble jaali in the balcony, or a lobby wall in the hallway, can significantly increase the luxury quotient. Visit the RK Marble website to explore hundreds of options to find your pick.