How To Use Marble in Biophilic Design?
Published on November 14, 2022.

The ever-changing design trends are creating a rage in the interior design industry and among aesthete homeowners who love to add new contemporary, peculiar design elements to their homes to showcase their personality and fine taste in fashion. There are, however, certain things that remain constant even through the changing trends – the use of marble, the strong desire of homeowners to try something unique and leave lasting impressions on their guests through home décor and design trends that swirl their way into the industry to set an impact like never before.

One such trend that has been creating a rage ever since its existence is the introduction of Biophilic Design. Haven’t you heard of it before? Here’s everything about Biophilic Design and what marble has to do with it.

What is biophilic design?

The term biophilia comes from a Greek word which means “love of life”. The concept of Biophilic Design reflects the idea of human’s inevitable urge to connect with nature. Originating in the early 1980s, this green architecture movement has recently resurfaced and begun to tweak our relationship with nature. It transformed our perceptions of the places in which we live, work, and learn. Up until now, we have crafted our residences, workplaces, healthcare facilities, cities, and suburban areas to distract us from nature.

However, this new trend inspires us to feel more aligned with nature by incorporating natural elements into our contemporary home design and its environments, such as natural light, wooden elements, aesthetic planters, water features, nature views, and flooring with natural materials such as marble, travertine, granite, etc. At the end of the day, all a person expects is to gain some benefit in terms of increased creativity, reduced stress, and improvement in overall health. It is believed that individuals work more efficiently and learn things more easily in establishments that are fused with the essence of nature.

You might be wondering how you would incorporate marble design in hall or marble design in room that screams Biophilic design at every inch. Easy! We’ve got you a few of the best RK Marble stones that will help you create a unique Biophilic Design inspired home décor.

1. Grey Frappuccino Marble

Isn’t this the most heavenly home décor you’ve ever seen? This floor marble design for house oozes a mystique vibe with its earthy tones embracing gentle white patterns scattered throughout the surface. This masterpiece of nature is perfect for your nature-inspired décor. Inspired by the magnificence of nature, creating a living room with a perfect blend of fire, plants, natural light, and earthy tones of the floor is something only a select few can do.

2. Venetino White Marble

A subtle yet elegant nature-inspired home interior is something all of us crave for. When thinking about home décor, a white marble design can never go wrong! White marble stones such as the Venetino White marble blend well with any kind of furniture aesthetic, how could it go wrong with Biophilic Design? A bright daylight gracing the window and reflecting right on the white marble surface makes the room appear brighter and better.

3. Pink Onyx Marble

A gorgeous reading corner with a stunning marble design for wall is all you need to make your guests feel astounded by the beauty of Pink Onyx Marble. A focal point or centre of attraction, whatever you want to call it, this is the type of corner that makes a home truly unique and elegant.

4. Vanilla Onyx Marble

If you are someone lucky enough to live amidst some of the most scenic locations, this bathroom design will be the best for you. Stellar white bathroom countertops and walls surrounded by a stunning view of nature and bright daylight directly entering the space through transparent glass doors is something one can only dream of, right? No! You can get this now! Contact RK Marble to learn more.

We hope this article gave you a gist of what Biophilic Design is and how you would incorporate some of the best marble stones into your space. If you are keen on experimenting with home décor inspired by this trend, you will want to explore the marble collection exclusively available at RK Marble. You can either visit the RK Marble store near you or buy marble online through the RK Marble website right from the comfort of your home. Adorn your homes with the finest marble stones by RK Marble to create a masterpiece of biophilic design. With marble, you feel closer to nature, closer to life.